The endless south line…

WFL Report Below. 2 Big Events this weekend at the Compound…

Hang out with CJ!


Thursday WFL 5/9 7am: Looking at the buoys this am the wind is super east. On the beach the 1ft southy is barely 1ft, really small. Friday looks 1ft also. See the summary below. I did notice on the models breezy SSE and S winds in the southern gulf on Monday. So next week the little south line could be better like last weekend. Hope you find a bump. Thanks for the positive feedback on the anniversary surf stories.
I met Ceej a few years back super cool guy, get to the Compound and check out that new movie!

Wed WFL 8am Report: 1/2ft to 1ft south line this am on the cams in B-ton… The entire gulf is supposed to be covered with breezy SE and SSE winds tomorrow. WFL is on the edge of that. Maybe Friday(48hrs) the south line will be enough to get a LB slide. Difference between this one coming and the last one: This one has more east in it so don’t expect as much. We’re looking at en extended period of spring time SE winds sometimes SSE. Later in the period the southern gulf could get some south winds. Summary: there is a tiny south line today. That line will be around for the next week and at some point possibly Friday could get rideable on a LB. Stoked, at least there is a chance to get wet. Nothing better than ending the week in the water. Just make sure you have low expectations, a shallow sand bar that faces south and a lot of foam. Do you surf on your anniversary? Married Surf Takes below…

Anniversary Surf Catches a GC Secret Sand Bar on Fire by Accident:

The gulf still has a surprise here and there!

Read your post awhile back about marriage and couldn’t agree with you more.
Felt inspired to share our experience. Wife and I just celebrated 9 yrs. by doing our standard night out, dinner, stay at a beach hotel, walk beach and relax. We almost always have a little wave also. Sometimes it’s just a sea breeze ruffle or a small leftover fading dribble, much like yesterday’s little groundswell. Most the time we stay somewhere near a main break locally so we can take advantage and maximize the wave quality. This year we ended up on a stretch of beach on ***, not known for surfing. After staring at the leftover swell (that was looking suspiciously rideable in one section of the beach!)while talking and enjoying the quiet, away from the world, with our coffees from the fourth floor balcony, I decided I should get a better look and made my way down. Long story short, we discovered this little sand bar A-Frame(photos above) and surfed it well past checkout! What an unreal anniversary!
My wife started surfing when we got married. I kind of taught her but I didn’t do a very good job- this is way before surf lessons, back in the day… anyways she never really had a passion for it and then we had a bunch of kids… When we moved to Puerto Rico she surfed once or twice when it was two foot and perfect and sunny and nobody out. About four years ago she started doing CrossFit since then she’s become a real gym rat. 3 years ago she tore her meniscus in her knee so she hadn’t surfed in about 4 years… since then she lost a bunch of weight and got a lot stronger going to the gym. We decided this year on our anniversary she wanted to surf and she hadn’t surfed in 4 years so we go to Maria’s at low tide and swell is one maybe occasionally 2 foot but breaking by the Pistons and just perfect… nobody out, glassy Surf and she surfed so good… she had her best day surfing ever caught almost a dozen waves and rode all of them from the outside almost to shore. I was really proud of her so that was good anniversary

27 Years ago I married this chick. We’ve had a few laughs…

21st Century Communication

I first heard of WhatsApp about 3 years ago staying at a friend’s house in Caguas… she told us about it… she asked if we had it, expecting us too because already in that area- that’s what everyone was using to communicate. My initial response was ‘oh great another stupid application I have to have’ It’s going to bug me all the time, I was so not down with it. Flash Forward 3 years and WhatsApp is about all that I use(or gmail)… it doesn’t matter if you have cellular service data or you have to jump on someone else’s Wi-Fi WhatsApp runs off the internet whereas text messages to my understanding do not… with SMS text messages on my new phone I can’t be a part of mass text messages or group messages or send images etc etc. whereas with What’s app I can. What’s app also has a really good way of compressing audio, video, and photo files. It makes it really easy to communicate in groups. And here’s the thing traveling through the Spanish British and American Virgin Islands and Central America and even in the states WhatsApp is what everyone uses internationally. In Tortola, being a BVI we had no cell service but the room had wi-fi so we were able to communicate using whatsapp. It also works across devices because I’m on an Android device but the rest of my family uses Apple. When our best friends kids were baptized in Tampa I was able to video stream it back to PR using Whatsapp from an Android phone to iPhone devices, so that was really cool… so I’m not a paid Advertiser but at this point that’s how I prefer to communicate. If you read this and you have what’s app please send me reports, pics and videos using what’s app or gmail not SMS text msgs. Thanks, Micah.

46 thoughts on “The endless south line…

  1. admin Post author

    from Russ-D: This weekend is the first time in quite some time I got to surf 3 days in a row. Although it was only for about 2 hours a day. And Saturday I totally picked the wrong spot(but still had some fun). I really hope this next system brings us more waves before the summer doledrums set in.

  2. admin Post author

    So stoked for you Russ. Hope your back is better. My neck has been killing me after about 30 minutes paddling. Going to PO today to see if my Tumeric has arrived from amazon 🙂

  3. hd

    last swell was the best in years aside from the december swell and maybe a few other days in particular.

  4. admin Post author

    awesome man, stoked for you guys! your next system has the potential to be rally fun Saturday… PR has been down little waves for the kids and that’s about all but tomorrow we are expecting swell

  5. cb

    Hd – best swell in years? Really? The wind never went east of NNW. Maybe some calm on Sun am, but…

    Don’t get me wrong, it was fun.

  6. fuggin

    Meh, size and power was solid but wind never cooperated. If there was a clean-up Sun, then the Passover Low would have been more memorable for sure. I had fun regardless. Stormy surf Fri, chunky choppy head+ Sat(and kinda lining up @ vsj), choppy leftovers for Sun. It’s better than no surf, or a stick in the eye 😁

  7. Rob

    I surfed all 3 days. I found the surf to be pretty crummy … Friday afternoon has some chunk … Saturday was a blown out mess … and Sunday DP was disappointing … I guess it got better later on in the morning, but by that time, I was over it and just went home. That’s my take from where I was, but I know other people scored way better waves at better spots. so it probably depended on where you went. My experience was that this one was pretty much “meh” …

  8. LBE

    I surfed Saturday afternoon and had a blast for what it was at sunset. Onshore/drifty/ shallow. Feel the bars are begining to take shape to traditional peaks if you know how to look. Only surfed an hour but enjoyed the push and found some lines. Checked Ami to vtown early Sunday before sunrise and found shelter, and a service, out of the wind. Fun rising sesh on a fat blue fish. Hoping for offshore winds sat.

  9. admin Post author

    We surfed Domes Wednesday night before dark down by the lighthouse left and rights, 3 of us down there trading fun peaks, waist to chest with some push and semi clean, Indy did not get it, it went right past it. Marias was knee to waist and full of LB’s. I spent a good part of both days at Wildo. Wednesday had big sets there. It really maximizes the NE swell- good waves 🙂 Thanks for asking.

  10. LBE

    Ever surf the bay behind the guaja taka hotel? I believe it’s right by the key hole (old railroad route through mountains) in Isabella. There is a river the flows out there.

  11. fuggin

    It got kinda chunky yesterday (fri) around 3-5 down here. Steep drops and sometimes connection to the shorepound. I got to see a sea turtle also 🤙 I have a little window before work today so I’m hoping to score again. The buoys are up kinda (3-4@6) but it looks like it will fade fast.

  12. admin Post author

    yes it’s super pretty but I’ve never seen it get too good there, Im sure it has it’s days… that’s close to Duna’s which gets really good.

  13. admin Post author

    RA welcome every time you try to post on the comments here you have a different name and your asking what are the waves going to be like. Please read the forecast first.

  14. fuggin

    It was kinda firing this am at *redacted*. Waist high sets running accross the bars. Just got out of work hoping there’s a lil something left 🤙

  15. GM

    small right sliders on the big foam this morning. super secret spot ,,,haha,,,with an old buddy. Glassy , small, not stellar but better than cutting the lawn.
    Last day to feel chilly air while surfing for a long time in Florida?

  16. JDH

    No surfing for me today but the Greenthumb Festival in St Pate was fun. Loaded up on some more fruit trees and other neat stuff.

    It’ll be going on tomorrow from 9-4.
    Heres the information.

  17. LBE

    Thanks JDH, I am going there tomorrow for herbs and fruits! Thanks Admin for Puerto Spot. Today me and a friend found some thigh high 100 yard liners up here in Pinellas. A big Board, and little paddle out, made for a fun 2.5 hrs of catching gulf glides this am. Absolutely beautiful spring. Hope everyone scored.

  18. Ericito

    Yep the last couple months been real good! Little spot in there of flatness but altogether it was prettttty good! Green thumb was dope too! Have to say I prolly surfed like 30 days at least from October to April!

  19. admin Post author

    try 50 Eric you were on it- if you avg 2 days a week for 7 months… does anybody get more gulf days than Ericito? the knee high LB slide days really help fill in the water time, helps to have some shallow sand bars around for all the 1-2ft days

  20. Rob

    Nobody gets more gulf days than Eric. I have said this many times before – if there’s an award to be won – it goes to him on the stoke factor.

  21. fuggin

    I saw the movement on 99 last night too, and some weird 8sec spikes on 98 this am. I see some lines on the cams so I’m on it after work.

  22. fuggin

    Kinda gnarly out here with waist+ sloppy peaks and blown out. A couple shoulders to be had, ridable but univiting atm.

  23. Cde

    It was rideable and lighter wind in the Venice area. Kind of fun for a couple hours.

  24. greg

    It was small but I got a lot of short rides on the fish in the evening. Expected nothing so it was a nice surprise. N pine.

  25. fuggin

    Loving that shot of the inlet up there. That is a gulf novelty that’s often overlooked. I always check it there on VAS and windy south swells. I scored a lil something again today (mon) after work 1-2footers breaking from the mid and bowling/dumping on the inside. Fun on the 8ft log. How many days until hurricane season again?

  26. admin Post author

    so good to get wet, stoked for you… you nailed the conditions for beer cans 4ft storm tide helps also, 1 time during Gustav I swear I rode a wave all the way to the shadow of the bridge! swear… novelty fo sho

  27. Ericito

    Maybe we have the same wedding anniversary? We celebrated 6 years on Monday (ish) but we both had the night off Sunday so we went for an anniversary surf too! Fun little waves around this week! Saw a sea hare which I had never seen before either! They were washing up all up and down on the beach in spb inking out!

  28. JDH

    Awesome Anniversary stories!
    I love hearing about couples who have stayed married. It’s rare these days. Congrats.

  29. fuggin

    8 yrs here on May 1. My wife does not surf but she is a great surfer’s wife and understands my need to get in the water at every chance possible. I’m going to be in St Lucie tomorrow and have a few hours in the am to surf before some family stuff. I was thinking about hitting Ft. Pierce N jetty but I see they don’t open the gate until 8am. Does anyone have any recommendations on some spots I can dawn patrol? Maybe the south jetty or should I head North with this little ENE 4ft@10second swell they have hitting there?

  30. JDH

    I’ve only surfed the north jetty. The thick palms at the park are super cool. I’ve heard there’s a few bars in Vero that break but the few times I’ve looked it didn’t appear to good, so went to the inlet and it was better.
    Hope you are able to make it work. It’s good to have an understanding wife for a surfer, no doubt!

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