Passover Low Pressure

Sunday Report Below

Somebody found a good ‘novelty wave’ Friday, GC doin’ it!

Sunday morning’s hi res winds from Surfline.

Sunday WFL 9am: Getting reports of bumpy surf in the waist high range. Conditions may improve a bit in a few hours as the tide comes in and hopefully the wind does not get any stronger. Lots of swell backed up in the gulf so waves all day. Maybe a little cleaner late if the sea breeze cooperates and lays down. The maps show the high really sitting in around dark today. Tomorrow looks knee high. Another chance for waves late this week, check back tomorrow and Tuesday.
Sunday Details: Plenty of swell but the wind does not look as good as it did. That low is such a vortex that a solid trough of low pressure has formed on it’s tail east of the Bahamas. That is pulling a little wind on Sunday from the High in the NE Gulf so we have NW winds 10knts or less for Sunday am. What to do? Scout any beaches that face south. Also Venice gets a bit more land breeze than Pinellas. So some spots will be cleaner than others Sunday. 99 looks 6ft at 8 WNW for Sunday so waist to chest for sure but the tide looks to be low so it may look small for the DP. Incoming should be pulling water in by 9-10am or so. I hope you score.

WFL Passover Low Pressure Full Forecast
: Scientists have made a correlation between full and new moon phases and powerful low pressures so all this is lining up to be a back half of April banger. Normally this is when the WFL WX calms down but this year El Ninyo has come raging back to life or a least his shadow is… Synopsis: Another more powerful SE US Low Pressure will form over LA and move to Atlanta, GA on Friday before heading to Michigan (Good chance for severe WX and tornadoes on Friday) Thursday a 1ft southy shows up. Friday looks like a repeat of last Sunday. Then it’s hard onshore for Saturday as the downhill part of the jet hits the SE US. By Sunday the high sits on top of WFL shutting off the wind and making for a nice clean up, solid swell and favorable wind conditions. Don’t put your board away yet. Surf all weekend coming up…

41 thoughts on “Passover Low Pressure

  1. fuggin

    I saw a lil action on the buoys this afternoon, 099 hit 5ft@7 and 098 was almost 4ft@6. I called grandma to watch the grom and made it to the beach just before 7. It was ankle-thigh+ and fun on my big board with some sets coming through every 15min or so. Glad I pulled the trigger!

  2. admin Post author

    stoked for you fuggin, thanks for the report, try again tonight before dark- let us know

  3. Rob

    Big boards are awesome. I discovered that in roughly the year 2001 or so. I can’t see myself riding a 9′ board (yet) either … but my 7’0″ is super thick and works in any surf. I’m with you on this 100%

  4. Total Dude

    Boards over 9’ are difficult to ride correctly. That’s why when you see someone properly logging it’s a a work of art. Micah you’ll get a chance to see some good big board riding this week. Keep an eye on Dylan Andrews.

  5. cb

    On the same vein as shoal surf: let’s talk freighter swell. It works in Texas, so what’s it take here? Speed? Heavy load/no load? Bottom contour seems like the crux. North Tampa Bay has shallow water not far from the shipping channel, but I imagine the freighters aren’t moving fast enough at that point? I’ve seen the waves hit at the dog beach area of fort desoto, but have never been very impressed.

  6. JJ

    Corrupt WSL. Didn’t even watch the final knowing there agenda pushing Brazilian’s through heats they didn’t earn. It’s been like this for years now, but that’s the Worldly way. Can’t watch any sports anymore due to paid-under-the-table judges/refs. It all comes down to GREED.

  7. fuggin

    I agree, Jordy’s air deserved and equal score or slightly bigger than Italo’s. The side by side replay showed they were nearly identical but Jordy went a lil higher, did not grab rail, and landed cleaner IMO. Still great to watch the talent all those guys & gals have!

  8. fuggin

    Winds are gusting down here in srq 20 gusts to 30. I bet there is some sideshore windchop maybe better to be had somewhere this evening. Tue could have a suprise, Wed looking solid and onshore. I have a window to surf late wed and a maybe for tue hope it pans out! 🤙

  9. JJ

    Yup, keep watch of those buoys cause the CAM has been out for over 10 weeks…Prob see ya out there soon 🙂

  10. Rob

    The wind is honking out of the SW right now (1 pm Tuesday) and it’s enough that I think that late afternoon / evening waves will be a notch up on expectations. It’s already building out back here where I am at.

  11. Rob

    Well …. it actually looks pretty good now. Knee to waist and clean … a 180 from this morning’s conditions.

  12. admin Post author

    thanks Rob for keeping us updated. Everybody is texting me telling me it’s good! 🙂

  13. Rob

    Yep … it’s still going … slightly smaller than this morning, but it’s thigh high and relatively clean …

  14. KW3

    A cold front spot at 7:30- 10:30 a.m. was super fun. Peaky, solid chest maybe shoulder sets with nobody out, totally alone. Ever sit on your board on the outside in deep water and put your foot down on a manatee? Til’ it breached, not a cool feeling solo, lol.

  15. JDH

    Walked the quater mile up around the bend at HMISP to where you get away from the shallow water and caught some really fun Longboards slides breaking left.

  16. JDH

    From the pics, it looks like the water color has returned to those classic GC colors.
    That tube in Ana Maria looked so dreamy with those colors.

  17. admin Post author

    latest model I saw had it down to 20knts Russ so not VAS but choppy for sure but chunky with OH sets

  18. Rob

    Russ … here;s how I see Saturday … stay local and get wet late in the day for a few hours if you want … medium expectations so to speak …don’t travel too far for waves … (you know the quality won’t be there … just some drops and lines) …. then on Sunday be out the door before the sun comes up at spots that pick up W swell the best …. Sunday is going to be fun.

  19. RUSS-D

    I am definitely trying to make that the plan Rob. Hopefully my back likes this plan and goes along with it 😉 The past couple of years it has been a total dick and not let me surf very much. It is the main reason I bike so much. If my back was good I would still be on it every time it was knee high. LOL

  20. KB

    Russ, time to jump on the SUP. Ever since I’ve been paddling in the surf my back, hip, and knee problems have subsided. With the back, it’s all about the core. U strengthen that and u can say bye bye to back issues. U will also benefit from a Chiroprator manipulation every once in awhile too. Stay wet and see u in the lineup. Keep up the great work and thx for the reports Micah.

  21. DW

    In the same boat with Russ…bad back limiting my surfing big time. Last couple years, since turning 60 in ’17, my life long back problems have increased substantially. At best can last a couple hours. 🙁 Under doc orders been getting PT and a epidural injection scheduled for next Monday. Will be surfing local in Pinellas at some point tomorrow and just maybe an hour DP Sunday before Easter obligations w family. Sunday down south looks good. Hope all score this last hurrah before the summer doldrums set in!

  22. Rob

    The frontal line is knocking on our doorstep at 12:45 pm and we’re under tornado watch until 4 pm. It’s gonna blow through with some intensity

  23. RUSS-D

    KB, I am in the same boat as DW. Too many years of pushing through the pain,a nd trying to stretch, train, SUP, whatever I could to stay in shape to surf. I have 3 herniated discs in my low back and they have just gotten worse over the past couple of years. Been through the chiros, PTs, massage therapists. I can still get out and surf on occasion just not for long sessions like I used to do. I was out this afternoon for a little bit. I also plan on going out for a couple of hours tomorrow and Sunday.

  24. Dylan B

    Does anyone know if Sunday at egmont will be good. And if it is where is best to surf at egmont key?

  25. RUSS-D

    The wind is howling and there is some kind of wave out there. I am going to go scout around and see if there is anything rideable this morning. If not I will be back out looking this afternoon. Have fun out there everyone.

  26. fuggin

    Kinda gnar out here in Sarasota. Head high+ and drifty but some sections are to be had if you are in the right spot at the right time. I have the day off so I’ll be heading to a big jetty and hoping for the best, there aren’t many places to hide from this cranking wnw. Let’s hope the wind backs down some this pm as forecast or at least swings more N, hope everyone gets a chance to score today yewww!🤙🤙

  27. JJ

    Pretty fun out there today except for all the respect-less people dropping in on you even though you have the inside section, grrr…

  28. RUSS-D

    This weekend is the first time in quite some time I got to surf 3 days in a row. Although it was only for about 2 hours a day. And Saturday I totally picked the wrong spot(but still had some fun). I really hope this next system brings us more waves before the summer doledrums set in.

  29. admin Post author

    from Russ-D: This weekend is the first time in quite some time I got to surf 3 days in a row. Although it was only for about 2 hours a day. And Saturday I totally picked the wrong spot(but still had some fun). I really hope this next system brings us more waves before the summer doledrums set in.

  30. admin Post author

    So stoked for you Russ. Hope your back is better. My neck has been killing me after about 30 minutes paddling. Going to PO today to see if my Tumeric has arrived from amazon 🙂

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