Adios Febrero

One of the 1st waves from the new swell wedges into Indy. 5pm cel phone picture from yesterday. This swell is from the front that back-doored Sunday night. I had to pic my kid up at 6pm. The last wave I saw was twice this big and fully spit as it detonated on the inside reef. Doh!

Thursday 6am WFL Updater: Looks like a solid front next week but it takes forever to bang thru. The 1st part with the low pressure could put a small 1-2ft west wave on the beach late Monday right before dark. Tuesday looks really small as the Arctic High sinks in slowly(maybe rideable on a log, knee high range) then Wednesday is full on NW with 25knt N winds. That’s the outline and confidence is good that at least by middle next week there will be cold front surf if not sooner. Have a good day. Yesterday’s Spring Outlook is below. NW PR: It was small all day yesterday in PR. Then around 5pm the new swell started to hit. Today is good surf in NW PR, wish you were here. We’d go to the Well and have a barrel fest :)… Apologies to everyone who has came and went and we have not been able to get together for a surf. Thanks for reaching out. Hopefully next time our paths will cross.

Fade to Black

Wednesday 6am WFL 2/27/19 Spring Outlook: (from Columbia EDU)Synopsis- Weak El Niño conditions are present and are expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2019 (~55% chance). El Niño conditions formed during January 2019, based on the presence of above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across most of the equatorial Pacific Ocean (Fig. 1) December and January were good months for the GC. Things slowed down in February by comparison. There were still a few good days but almost 2 weeks of flatness squeezed in there. How does March look? We are looking for the 1st surf around 3/5 then a week behind that another front. Pretty average. The chances are that these March fronts will have a lot of NNW and N going NNE in them. Not the westerly fronts like we saw in December and January. 3 North fronts and 1 banger is the call for an avg. March. The northerly fronts will feature clean 1-3ft surf at best cold front spots. Not really looking for el ninyo to dig in again. That 2 month span was it as el ninyo fades to black… What bugs me about the above figure is September… 2017 was going into La ninya and that’s what spawned the 3 monsters, Harvey, Irma and Maria. This September could be active coming off a hot winter and no el ninyo to knock the Cape Verde spinners back…
Back tomorrow with an update on the 3/5 front but I will leave this page so we can check back when we get to April…

Cory scored Domes during March 2018. Photo: M Weaver.

How does March look for the Caribbean? Below average. No 30ft swell this year. A lot of waist high days. A couple barrels. March is typically the coolest, driest month in the Caribbean. People in PR are nervous b/c we are in a serious drought and the reservoirs water levels are falling.


70 thoughts on “Adios Febrero

  1. admin Post author

    does sharkys break anymore? a freind was telling me the only place to surf is the jettys

  2. Heath

    We look at it when we venture down that way, but we havent had the winter swells these last several years, like the several prior to that. The last 2 swells we went for the higher probability. Hoping to get a look soon again.

  3. admin Post author

    Thanks Heath I’m sure that other sand bar in Manatee Cnty is a more sure bet and a lock for having more size than down in Venice on those types of swells. Hope you score Saturday. Looks like fun swell though not nearly as big as the last one.

  4. Rob Hyypio

    MW – Thanks for the good news this morning and Happy New Year, everyone. Regarding Sharky’s … I haven’t seen it break well in years. Then again, I haven’t checked it on those real solid N swell days when the wind goes NE day after. Maybe it’s worth a look next time we all go down there. Keep ya posted on that.

  5. Evelyn Alland

    HAPPY NEW YEAR – took the dog for a run on TurtleBeach yesterday mid-morning and was surprise to see sweet little rollers – good for the SUP or Log…. had the dog and not the boards ….O.wellllllll.
    Good to pop in here and see ….. we got some WAVES coming and the water quality is at long last looking correct. Beach sand renourishment at Turtle has been just about completely swept way – another storm or two and it’ll be right back to the way it was – fascinating to see where the shoreline change and where the displaced sand ended up – further south – growing the beach in other areas….Lady Gulf has her way.

  6. admin Post author

    why doesnt someone clean the Venice cam? c’mon how hard is it? check the Puntas cam in PR on surfline, now that’s a clean cam, I wonder who cleans that one? 🙂

    what’s up with all the buoys forever broken? 036 broken broken 039 bent broken 099broken c’mon

    and boycott shell gas b/c none of their oil rig anemometers south of LA work either!

  7. fuggin

    Snuck in a 30 min sesh before work today at dawn. Super low tide and flat to occ. waist lol. I’m hoping there’s some left later

  8. JDH

    Awesome pic. Made me remember bring a little tike in 84 making sand forts on the beach, there with my baby brother. We were a beach going family. Two foot curls in the summer a little kid were awesome.

  9. Rob

    Dang dude. 8 years in PR … that’s hard to believe. I remember when you dipped out of here. Do you still have that coffee table book of waves I gave you after we got everyone’s “farewells” written? Great to still have you as part of the scene repping the Gulf.

  10. Ericito

    I’ve been watching that banger take shape, looks like a good one! Told a couple people to take the 21st off lol. Friends at Venice now says there’s waves. Might go for a sesh!!!

  11. admin Post author

    Thanks Rob, and props Ericito for taking the right day off! Pack hot water and lots of rubber!

  12. Rippey

    Whats up guys. Been reading this report for a very long time. Funny you mention geting a new board. I was looking at “the bulldog” and “the pill” by foil surf I think. Any of you guys used one before? Also what other local boards do you use? Ive kinda gotten to fat sice I moved here. and as your all well aware the surf here is tough (even on a good day its still normally 3-4). I wanna try somwthing differet and the price on the foil board is right. So whats out there? See you all in the water!

    P.S Anyone need a 510 dumpster diver ?

  13. Ericito

    Gum surfboard mini Simmons is insane! Couldn’t recommend a better board! Talk to him about your volume and he will shape ya a magic board!!!

  14. Zack

    Don’t forget the legend himself who as far as I know tought everybody around town and that’s mr. Juan Rodriguez at “One world” hopefully his health is ok I haven’t talked to him in awhile anybody if he is still shaping?

  15. Cde

    I had a 5’10x22x3 Simmons shaped by seafarer. I’m 6’2/ 220lbs. It’s perfect for any gulf surf, keeps up with the day-after-front long boards, and gets me into the the chunky dumping short period early. Seriously think about a Simmons.

    Mine is a fat squash tail but I’ve seen guys rip on some that are more pulled in at the tail. Just a thought.

  16. Cde

    Oh and it’s a quad setup and approx 44liters. If you’re lighter definitely don’t need that much volume. It floats me like a longboard.

  17. admin Post author

    check out the new surfer mag… shape it yourself hahaha. Im shaping again for the first time in 30 years. Im not very good that’s why I quit 30 yrs ago but it’s fun. Seafarer makes rad sticks

  18. fuggin

    Scored vsj this am with about 60 of my best friends lol. Fun peaky waves with juice but not as big as I was expecting. They definitely lost some energy on the outside shoals but still very fun. Also, got to try out my new to me fish and I love it! Thx Dylan!

  19. admin Post author

    I got this email: Hey Micah. Yesterday was really good but the swell a few weeks ago where we had all that really really strong west wind for 24 hrs was much better and probably twice as big. I know you were curious so I thought I’d let you know. Regardless, yesterday was super fun, I surfed ******* ***** Perfect small a frame barrels. Prob shoulder high on the biggest set wave peaks.

  20. Jack

    Waves were pretty amazing but man Top Secrets isn’t as spread it as it used to be. When it was breaking well in the cove, the hole, and a few places in between, it could take 70 or so surfers. But lately there’s only one peak that isn’t mushed out or closed out, so 25 surfers is all it takes to make it frustrating. At least the crowd is less punchy than it was 20 years back.

  21. Ericito

    Yesterday was awesome no doubt. Fun waves! I don’t think it was the best day of the winter, top 5? Definitely top 10! It’s crazy how busy and hectic it can get on a hyped swell! Surfed last week with waves just as good with only 10 people out! Get em while ya can though right? Counted at least 75 people out at sj around 10 am which is insane considering, like I said, some days it’s epic with like 10 people out! Saw Evan g and a whole bunch of other top guys out, pretty rad watching them on local waves! Hope we get some more this week and next!

  22. Heath

    It was top 2 of the winter for me a 3 of my buddies Monday. It was only the 4 of us scoring. Sweet……

  23. DW

    My two cents. The Sun 12/16 swell was the best day of the winter glassy solid west swell. The Sat 12/22 swell was the biggest yet clean. The MLK Day swell on 1/21 was also very good but 3ed on my list. Very subjective….to each his own. 🙂

  24. m-dub

    Hey guys sorry for the late and inconsistent reports I’m in New England this weekend I will be back in PR early next week and back to normal thanks

  25. hd

    save for a day of one footers last feb was also completely flat. climate change is real. hurricane season coming.

  26. D-Bot

    Stay away from Jetblue. If you are a simple packer who can go away with just a backpack or carry on they penalize your board fee and charge you an additional $30 on top of the $100 per board fee (NOT BOARD BAG BUT PER BOARD)
    $260 roundtrip for one board

  27. m-dub

    Thank you for the reminder and the heads up d-bot you guys need to check out awayco. I used it for El Salvador- so genius, travel without boards and get a shred stick I rented a Slater sci-fi board $23 a day. it was sick. surf zone in Aguadilla is now working with awayco. That Will bring your bill way down and you’ll be on a good board…

    Mar Azul has haydenshapes for rent 25 bucks a day

    I have space underneath my house that is safe and secure to rent if you want to leave a board
    I have boards also

  28. m-dub

    Hd in the grandscheme of things pr is way off climo also. We have waves but not as good as it used to be. That’s what the old timers say.

    This winter was looking really good for the Gulf Coast until February hopefully things flip-flop again in a couple weeks

  29. hd

    that long period day in mid/late december was pretty special for the gulf. just kept getting better and better till dark on the incoming tide—wave after wave after wave w light onshore wind.

  30. fuggin

    I scored multiple tds superbowl sunday at the Canaveral pier. Fell asleep for 3rd quarter or real superbowl but don’t think I missed much lol

  31. listen2bob

    Anybody good with old board id or know a place I should look? Just picked up a dirt cheap old mini simmons and am pumped to fix it up and cruise around on.

  32. KW3

    Pinellas 2/13/19- 1:00-3:30 session had small knee+ fun nug. Weird almost SW like lefts in swell but N wind. definitely odd swell and tide but worth getting wet. We need some juice, sick Corey pic.

  33. admin Post author

    from a regular aura reader: “I didn’t Surf at all yesterday I had to work but I did watch the buoys and reports. 42099 is back on line in case you didn’t know. 42098 bumped back up late in the day yesterday with a little more wnw swell. Must have been from the fetch you saw the day before”.

    my take: that was definitely a el ninyo style front, a bit weird and quirky but lots of west…

  34. JDH

    Not trying to start controversy, but I see online where somebody is claiming to have the best gulf surfing website.
    I can’t help but chuckle. I’m on the best surfing website for the Gulf with the best forecaster, right now.
    Nobody is better nor more dedicated to dialing us in when the swell is on. Never a BS claim or ego talking. Just straight knowledge and experience.

    I sure appreciate The Best Forecaster and story teller of years passed. Thank you Micah.

  35. Evy

    JDH – 100% Agree –
    Needed to peek in – I’ve been FROZEN – HIBERNATING…..
    Can’t wait for the water to be piss warm & the air body temp. Looking forward to Spring…. miss Neptune and LadyGulf. For me winter sucks.

  36. admin Post author

    i figured as much Evy, glad your ok, i hope your surfing bear comes out of hibernation soon…

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