January Banger

Cold Waves on the Way.

January Banger

Tuesday 6am WFL Surf Discussion: This am the buoy is 3ft at 6 WNW. That usually equals knee high but it may be even smaller factoring in the tide. Worth half a check later to see if there is a small NW line. The rest of the week looks calm until Saturday when south winds will fire up in advance of the next system which could be described as ‘windy’. Isobars for days. A 990mb low leading a 1048mb high! Are you kidding me? This one’s a banger. Next Monday your forecast high is 54 with windchill in the 30’s but there should be some surf. Sunday looks chunky by the afternoon, head high. So call it a very strong cold front due late weekend. Saturday is a balmy 75 and Monday is 54, do the math… wow. 140hrs till touch down. More details tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “January Banger

  1. admin Post author

    does sharkys break anymore? a freind was telling me the only place to surf is the jettys

  2. Heath

    We look at it when we venture down that way, but we havent had the winter swells these last several years, like the several prior to that. The last 2 swells we went for the higher probability. Hoping to get a look soon again.

  3. admin Post author

    Thanks Heath I’m sure that other sand bar in Manatee Cnty is a more sure bet and a lock for having more size than down in Venice on those types of swells. Hope you score Saturday. Looks like fun swell though not nearly as big as the last one.

  4. Rob Hyypio

    MW – Thanks for the good news this morning and Happy New Year, everyone. Regarding Sharky’s … I haven’t seen it break well in years. Then again, I haven’t checked it on those real solid N swell days when the wind goes NE day after. Maybe it’s worth a look next time we all go down there. Keep ya posted on that.

  5. Evelyn Alland

    HAPPY NEW YEAR – took the dog for a run on TurtleBeach yesterday mid-morning and was surprise to see sweet little rollers – good for the SUP or Log…. had the dog and not the boards ….O.wellllllll.
    Good to pop in here and see ….. we got some WAVES coming and the water quality is at long last looking correct. Beach sand renourishment at Turtle has been just about completely swept way – another storm or two and it’ll be right back to the way it was – fascinating to see where the shoreline change and where the displaced sand ended up – further south – growing the beach in other areas….Lady Gulf has her way.

  6. admin Post author

    why doesnt someone clean the Venice cam? c’mon how hard is it? check the Puntas cam in PR on surfline, now that’s a clean cam, I wonder who cleans that one? 🙂

    what’s up with all the buoys forever broken? 036 broken broken 039 bent broken 099broken c’mon

    and boycott shell gas b/c none of their oil rig anemometers south of LA work either!

  7. fuggin

    Snuck in a 30 min sesh before work today at dawn. Super low tide and flat to occ. waist lol. I’m hoping there’s some left later

  8. JDH

    Awesome pic. Made me remember bring a little tike in 84 making sand forts on the beach, there with my baby brother. We were a beach going family. Two foot curls in the summer a little kid were awesome.

  9. Rob

    Dang dude. 8 years in PR … that’s hard to believe. I remember when you dipped out of here. Do you still have that coffee table book of waves I gave you after we got everyone’s “farewells” written? Great to still have you as part of the scene repping the Gulf.

  10. Ericito

    I’ve been watching that banger take shape, looks like a good one! Told a couple people to take the 21st off lol. Friends at Venice now says there’s waves. Might go for a sesh!!!

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