December Waves

December 06 was a great December. Alek Parker… parking it. Photo: M-Dub.

spot 1

Friday 6:30am WFL Updater: Calm today, SE winds tomorrow in front of the low pressure. You know it’s calm when you go on IG at 6am and guys already have the boat headed out at dawn as their story. I saw that in the gulf and the Caribbean this am, calm everywhere… This next system looks solid. What is the perfect GC winter time low pressure? IMO it starts in Texas like 1003mb and while strengthening crosses slowly towards Alabama. When it gets to the Panhandle it’s 999 and lifting NNE up towards Western Tennessee after bumping into a slow to move out high pressure. In it’s wake it hit the gulf with gale force west winds and now seas are 10ft at 10seconds west swell. Behind the low a weak high drops in to meet the swell with light offshore winds… That IMO is the perfect GC low. With those days we got into a routine of hitting the low tide spots first and hitting a 2nd spot on the way home as the tide filled in. Those were good days and not even that cold bc the low brought mid latitude cool air and not polar air. On this day in December 2006, we got to surf perfect chest to head high barrels at spot 2 with Alek and Cory. Both of those guys are great tube riders and it was super cool to watch the pros get some GC shacks. Now that your all pumped up for the next one the weekend one has gone notch down a bit. It looks 1008mb when it gets close and then it double barrels off South Carolina forming a 2nd front in the ATL which is forecast to make it to the 18 degrees N Latitude Caribbean middle next week with rain and cool WX. That 2nd low keeps the wind from going NE almost staying NNW but the WFL land breeze will veer it. One model did not match the other and I think real time it will blow 20-30 and not just 20. The pattern sticks and the one a week from now does the lift out so good time to be a WFL surf rat, waves for days as Fuggin said. Peace out…

Alek Parker, WFL 12/06. Photo: M-Dub.

Thursday WFL Future Forecast brought to you by the Compound: The next low pressure for Sunday looks really good, a Texas scraper just shredding the gulf all the way to Jacksonville and then on out into the ATL. Monday looks chunky… Pencil in a sick day for next Tuesday b/c it could be swell and favorable winds. check back for more…
Thursday WFL Surf Forecast 12/6/2018 7am The models look the same today as yesterday, that’s a good thing. Solid low pressure will cross the gulf: Saturday return flow warming with SE winds and a 1ft south line, probably not rideable but maybe right before dark. Sunday building south swell with gusty south winds early going west- chest to head high and getting chunky and choppy. Monday chest to head high with strong NW winds. Tuesday waist to chest swell with N winds, go surf! 2019: It’s that time of year. If your stoked on the forecasts and reports there is a donate button below. Your donations inspire me to forecast and report. Thanks for your generosity.


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91 thoughts on “December Waves

  1. Rob Hyypio

    Me and PJ scored shoulder high drops at a spot over the bridge … absolutely exceeded both of our expectations. And just 3 people out where we surfed. Red tide in the water, but it wasn’t terrible.

  2. RUSS-D

    The Zoo was really fun for a couple of hours and there were only about 12-14 people out. I didn’t notice any red tide at all out there.

  3. Ericito

    Dude at Vj is a young loc dog. His name is Andy and he’s cool AF. His IG tag is baby_dyno and I believe he rides for GUM. He is AlWAYS at the jetty every swell haha. Big or small he’s on his log! Glad everyone got some waves, it was a beautiful day!

  4. fuggin

    Got into some snook last night. No waves down here. Looking at 098 and the swell might have filled in after dark or it just skipped past us with the hard angle. Th buoy is still 3ft @6sec so of course I’m out the door to check it this am πŸ€™πŸ€˜πŸ€”

  5. Evy

    Thanks to a shout out from Ericito and checking back here – I scores some itty bitty waves Sunday
    Wet Suit Leaked like a sieve – so I also got a new Wetsuit from the compound
    I can stand being hungry, I can’t stand being cold : ))

  6. admin Post author

    fun little wave today in WFL… that front locked up in the middle gulf yesterday and sent a swell from under Pensacola, it blew hard in the middle gulf- sorry I missed that…

  7. fuggin

    Last night was fun, red tide conditions on lido 😐Stuck at work until 230. I hope there’s some juice still!

  8. Cde

    Really good south of Venice all morning through noon Waist+ .Definitely the tingle of red tide, but not terrible.

  9. DW

    Kind of disagree with Cd about this last swell in Pinellas. Guess its what you make of it. While far from great I was able to get fun early morning sessions Thu and Fri. Fish’ed it the 1st day and LB’ed it the 2nd, both days the winds got on it by mid to late morning. Pesky patchy red tide still hit or miss.
    After a lackluster start it seems November has delivered three swells for the Gulf, with decent fetch bringing west swell in the 8-9 seconds range. Not big (is Pinellas ever?) but pretty decent quality. MW u think this maybe an indication of things to come.

  10. admin Post author

    thanks for the reports guys, long term Im not sure of anything, they keep saying el ninyo but I dont see it. seems the gulf has had avg surf. like back in the day a front every week or 2 and something to surf… no blocking highs, jet stays fluid. no month long flat spells… I like it… 50/50 it stays that way what a forecast hahahaha

  11. JDH

    3 session day! Niiiiiice! Loving the shots.
    When you get a chance, could you snap a sunset pic. Love how Rincon faces west and gets that sun beaming in during the afternoon.

  12. fuggin

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m up early monitoring a 20lb Turkey in my sous vide setup. It’s going to be epic!

  13. JDH

    Thanks Micah!
    Could’ve been a dream Eastcoast trip for some Gulf coaster who had the time and opportunity to go over.
    I haven’t had the opportunity to get over in awhile.
    I don’t know about anybody else but Wow! did the pics look good!
    I’m really wondering how Ponce would’ve been.
    I had a full day one winter surfing both sides with a cold front moving through mid day, clearing things out for an overhead, sunset beaming into the face on the outside of the Northside of the inlet.
    What an awesome day. It’s really neat being on the other coast looking inland and seeing that line of dark frontal clouds approaching as the winds switch offshore and the swells start to be groomed.

    But Maaaaaaan was it good out I-4 today.
    Wish I was young without responsibilities.
    I’ve lost good jobs over Eastcoast call ins.
    The struggle is real for a wave addict.
    It’s not just the waves but the whole experience.
    That feeling of seeing 95 ahead and the light hasn’t fully come up yet, so you got out of the house early enough. Crack that window as you make your way closer to get a whiff of that Atlantic air, hoping not to get pulled over as the speed limit drops and ya know the police sit right here waiting, pull up and hear that Atlantic roaring over the dunes into the parking lot and run out and spring over the steps to get that first glimpse…..
    Yeah, I wish I had that today. It’s all good though.
    Today, watching the cams, it made me recall memories of other days that I normally wouldn’t think about.
    Cherish those times we have, my friends. They’re just that much sweeter when we have them.

  14. RUSS-D

    I went East today(Sunday) and it was soooooo much fun. I dodged yesterday due to being older and dealing with this stupid bad back. But I am super happy I went over today. After the fog burned off and the tide dropped it was so lined up and A-framing it was like heaven. I was getting rides that were incredibly long and stepping off in knee deep water. 3-5 or more turns on some of the real long waves. I haven’t surfed waves that lined up and fun in quite some time. My legs are super sore, partly from a 100-kilometer bike ride, I did on Saturday, and partly from pumping down the line for extended periods of time this afternoon. I feel whole, cleansed and totally in sync with life after that session. πŸ˜€

  15. Evy

    Went out to surf yesterday, but the RED-Tide was about…paddled out & in less then 5 minutes I was wheezy;
    when I got a mouth full of water nearly puked. There were few dead fish on the shoreline – probably because there’s nothing left to die & the county cleans-up the fish so no one can tell whats happening. Honestly, I left in a mood more foul then the water. Once home, I grabbed Bonny and we rode on the bike for hours…. and hours….it was the most positive way I could release the anger and the grief.


  16. RUSS-D

    DANG Evy, that really sucks about the water quality down there still. I am glad you found some peace in your bike ride(I know that feeling well).

  17. higgybaby

    Evy if you have the time, take a trip to St Augustine, it’s a very beautiful town with red tide free waters and great surf. That’s what I had to do 2 weeks ago for my birthday and I got 2 to 3 ft with offshore’s for 2 days even had a dolphin scare the bajesus out of me lol.

  18. DW

    I can concur Russ’ observations. Spent Sat and Sun in Satellite and scored great surf both days. Sat morning was huge by Fla standards and a bit much for us old-timers with assortments of shoulder and back issues. But a little north towards Patrick’s was doable and still big, clean and pumping! The evening surf back down in Satellite was all time, flawless glassy reeling overhead barrels…great day! πŸ™‚
    Sunday also very good as mentioned above.

  19. RUSS-D

    I got to spend an hour and a half surfing The Zoo tonight. It was fun for a little bit and then got a little wonky. Still fun right until dark though. Zero time for shooting pics though.

  20. admin Post author

    thanks for the reports guys, hope you score some fun ones today it’s cold right? I’d be at sharkys does that spot even break anymore?

  21. DW

    I’m passing this cold surf as I got plenty over the weekend eastside and have a bit of a cold. I personally haven’t seen Sharky’s work in at least five years although my last check was over a year ago and maybe two. Russ, nice you got some at SKP last nite. Old dogs rule!

  22. fuggin

    VSJ was fun chunky last night but my eyes are still burning 😒. Hoping to find some clean water and some waves after work this pm

  23. G

    Hopefully chilly weather “froze” some of the red tide organisms. I’d like to hit it this weekend.
    Why was that last EC swell so killer? Direction, strength of storm? both
    anyone have the storm details?

  24. Bfisch

    NJ fired all day. Thigh to Chest with a few bombs. Really consistent & clean conditions sunrise to sunset.

  25. fuggin

    Days of waves! This has to be the best fall for surf IMO. I feel like I have surfed more days than I haven’t, and I like that! πŸ€™πŸ€˜πŸ‘

  26. RUSS-D

    What a great week to have taken a staycation πŸ˜€ Hopefully I can sneak in a few sessions and avoid tweaking the back. I have been doing pretty good with it lately by limiting how long I stay out. Just enough to cure the need, but not so much that I stress the back. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Now if all that nasty Red Tide would just DIE!!!!!!

  27. JDH

    That’s the Exact set up that’s produced some of the best waves we’ve ever seen. Just like that. I could see it in my mind, because that’s what I’m looking for to happen every winter. That’s probably the best.
    I also love, but doesn’t happen much, but in March, we used to get mutiple days in a row of South suck up winds, that by the second day would produce some fun waves all day, that would clean up in the evening and produce Gulf Coast perfection at Lido Point. This used to happen more in the 90s but ever so often in the spring, we will still get a few days like that.
    But yeah Micah, that’s precisely the best scenario.
    Once in a blue moon, the fronts will really dig down through Texas with a west, instead of a straight north off the Galveston coast. The deeper that thing digs in then lifts up, the better.
    Great shots btw. Look at that water clarity!
    Boy, do we all miss that.

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