Mid September

Fun waves on the way for PR.

Thursday 9/20 6am WFL Surf Outlook WFL remains in light SE flow. No change to this broken record pattern. The EC has fun surf. Another swell is expected on the EC. Jeff Masters is calling it the Florence Zombie storm, pretty funny a piece of Florence energy gets stuck in the middle ATL this week. The EC looks fun, though I did not see the offshores that were there last week. I was in El Sal watching Slater and Lopez surf Ponce on Social Media, that was pretty cool… PR is expecting swell on Sunday and then all next week. Jetblue is about $360 MCO to BQN next week when I checked. No surfing tourism here right now and the locals got a lot of surf last week so looks really fun with favorable winds. My call is variations of chest to head high surf (bigger in Isabela) with light offshores here in Rincon winds look ESE and E trades at 10 maybe 15…

Small part of the Disaster Relief crew skating after a long day of work in Mayaguez.

PR 1 Year after Maria: Nothing but positive… The people who wanted to leave- left, and the people who are here want to be here. The infrastructure has improved. We had a rainy summer and the island is green and lush. You can’t really tell what it was like a year ago when it looked barren and desolate immediately after the storm. The best part was the Disaster Relief, we got to be a part, and meeting so many awesome people from the US was great. We worked shoulder to shoulder with them to rebuild. We definitely learned a lot and grew. My kids benefited so much. They surfed a lot with the new guys who came to work. Now they surf twice as good as they did a year ago and that means they enjoy surfing more and they learned to work, something I was struggling to teach them so- todo bien… PR, for better or worse, has a high profile now and I think this tourist season is going to be busy so the economy is improving, tons of work for those who want to work. Thanks again for all your help getting started again. You all played a big part in the recovery. Super big thanks!

El Salvador: Really good trip. I’ll post a brief write up soon…


55 thoughts on “Mid September

  1. RUSS-D

    I ended up staying on our coast and going for a bike ride. I woke up and it took me about 15 minutes to walk comfortably. My back was all jacked up this morning.

  2. Rob Hyypio

    Caught some fun waves on the EC yesterday, Bucs win, and no accidents on I-4 … it was a good day!

    Sadly, the red tide is here in full force on the Pinellas Beaches. We were lucky to have escaped it for as long as we did. But … now, just hoping that it clears out soon. To be honest, if there were waves here right now, I don’t think that I’d paddle out in that soup. It’s wretched …

    GO BUCS!

  3. Higgy Baby

    Stayed in Cocoa beach this weekend and got some good rides next to Lori Wilson park, so happy the hotel had a hot tub 👍👍🤙

  4. Ericito

    Pretty much surfed ponce exclusively a bunch for the Florence swell, 10/10! Was really awesome there every time I went over! Stoked for you all down in PR, planning to bring the fam this year, and have a reg fam surf trip. El sal looked mental! Many blessings to everyone!

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