Wax em’ up…

The Compound Goes Off!

Saturday 8am Weekend WFL Surf Report and Forecast: This Saturday am St Pete looks knee high, a little bigger in Venice… Got some report of guys catching fun waves in St Pete yesterday afternoon. Today should be the same. Wave models actually show a little bulb of higher seas off Venice to Boca Grande today for what that’s worth. Whatever worked yesterday should work again today. Still looking for a pick up by tomorrow afternoon. Sunday is supposed to feature a little stronger flow and waist high surf continuing into Monday and beyond. ‘Surf City’ and no end to the onshore flow and 1-2ft waves. Enjoy, tell us how you did in the comments even if it’s just a long boards sesh…

Cassia surfing Domes yesterday. Lots of 1ft days this summer.


19 thoughts on “Wax em’ up…

  1. Fuggin

    Working now, past few days it was down. Glad you’re back up! My eyes are on the retrograde LA low, nothing showing on the buoys though 🤙🤞🤙

  2. admin Post author

    bummer about Kelly, Jordy was on fire and Kelly did not get the waves. Loved that 6 second barrel Kelly got if he had come out it would have been a different story. I saw him from the water surf Tiara in 89′ he was making deep impossible tubes- so cool to see from the water… best tube rider of all time in my opinion. Gotta root for Slater he’s the only Florida guy even close to the CT’ and he 40 freaking 6!!!

  3. EVY

    Ahhhh Good, Good we got our voices back : )) I like Kelly …. but to me Cory was/is always far more beautiful to watch

  4. Ericito

    Holy Moley Tuesday was epic by my standards! Saw c lo and Evan g putting on a clinic at ponce. Felt awesome to get some solid waves!

  5. EVY

    Good thing I peeked in here…. read the report and my first thought was “Is Micah teasing us?” I read it over and over… I’m so wave-starved I couldn’t believe we may be getting a Wave Buffet in a day or so. Really hope this happens……….(who doesn’t LOL) – seriously need a REFRESH here

  6. RUSS-D

    Well I can just about guarantee waves in our near future. I woke up this morning and my back is hurting. Seems to happen a lot more this past year. I am hoping it eases up and I can get out a day or two. I haven’t surfed anything remotely fun in a long while now. Even if I can’t make it out I hope y’all catch some nuggets.

  7. DW

    Russ-D hope your back improves, LBP is a real bummer…I know from many years of experience. 🙁
    Couldn’t go to EC last Tues for the swell but at least we have a chance for some LB wind dribblers in the coming days. Been in dry-dock for a while. As MW noted in today’s comments a legit wave always the gulf issue…time and tide dependent if ya score or not…seems some always do. Good luck to all! 🙂

  8. Ericito

    Spb has been gettin better, but ultimately needs the dredge. That shoal just kills the energy most days. 3 weeks until the jetties are done, and then the dredge will start!

  9. admin Post author

    thanks for the update guys, hope Upham goes off again Ericito I will be over there in August but my timing is usually bad

  10. KWH

    Fun waves today from 3:00 to 7:30. Tide was a little funky after 4:00, but got super fun around 6
    5:30> Flow and buoy, so great to get summer flow!

  11. Ericito

    Caught some fun ones at purp house last night wuth the boys. Wind laid down and some waist + waves were rolling through. The new sand from the dredge at sunset seems to be doing well. Waves had good form

  12. Fuggin

    Caught some fun 2-3ft late yesterday afternoon, lining up for a couple sections. 2-3ft sloppa choppa at first light, got a few slides

  13. Ericito

    Fun again today. Surfed with rasta at mid jetty. Rains came and went and so did the wind! Rib + lining all the way to the beach. Hoping for something in the am

  14. DW

    MW has another lil’ rippa! Same deal this weekend with hopefully a little more energy. look for the late afternoon bump up on the Egmont buoy. Thr it hit 3.3′ @ 6s for knee-occ. waist @ Sunset, Fri was 4.3′ @ 5s and waist occ. stomach+. Maybe it notches up more today or tomorrow…or as long as the weather and moderate+ west flow continues.

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