A Good May, on it’s way out…

Thurs 5/31 7am WFL Best May Ever? How many Cayo Huesos was that? Pretty little 1ft South Line this am, last day of May 2018. Some spots could be rideable on a LB but it’s really small. The 1ft line should be around today. It is not forecast to bump back up too much this afternoon. Friday and Saturday look calm but Sunday could have some wind waves late in the day before dark. Monday and Tuesday next week look to have knee to occ waist high surf with onshore flow. Enjoy your day.

Still flat this am but it’s on the way. Best day looks to be Sunday…


May 2009, Cayo Hueso.

About the forecaster: My name is Micah Weaver. I’m from St Petersburg, Florida. I started forecasting for the WFL gulf in the mid 1980’s and continue to do so up to today. I currently live in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Thanks for visiting aurasurf.com

117 thoughts on “A Good May, on it’s way out…

  1. admin Post author

    where r u planning to surf tomorrow? back in the day we would surf Upham on days like that.

  2. Fuggin

    I will be tucking behind some rocks trying to hide from the wind. Dp or High tide may get fun tomorrow with a 100% chance of gnarly by end of day. Schwing!

  3. Ericito

    Upham doesn’t really break anymore! I always check there first and consistently hang there also. Hoping on after the new jetties and dredge it will come back. I’ll prolly be at the zoo or sj so just wake up and call it ! Frothing today was fun!

  4. admin Post author

    I heard some secret spots were working late today, stoked you got it.

    TD in the house Thanks Bro!!! Hope your living the dream bro!! AMI fo eva

  5. admin Post author

    oscillation: movement back and forth at a regular speed.

    that pretty much describes the WX

    el nino/la nina

    thanks Evy

    WX info should be free

  6. OriginalJud

    Just a word to say I caught up with Orsini at the St Pauls Festival this past weekend dealing out ribs at the BBQ shack, man he had that smoker working good!

  7. Jam,n Dan

    PR,s been good ehh! Been trying to get down! Still slinging B.A.T.! Always liked seeing them there! Hope all is well! Tres is besss! D

  8. EVY

    GoodSUNday Morning – thanks for the clarification Micah : )) and the weather update – Coldfronts have been providing waves…. … but omg — I just can’t take being cold anymore – I looked like my wilted herb garden after that last elNorte’ … warm southies/southwesterlies please…… need to get out of drydock – Red Tide been popping up here and there – ooo yah… that 2018 ‘Cane list…… I shuddered…LOL…thinking about shutter(ing) again.

  9. Rob Hyypio

    There’s a loggable wave to be found on the local sandbars right now as of 5 pm. Blind Pass had a legit rideable wave this afternoon around Noon. Someone was out on a longboard getting waves … call it knee high.

  10. Fuggin

    The southy never really materialized at the spots in manatee and srq that I checked yesterday pm. There were a few bars with some knee high gromable lb quick rides. There has to be a chance a bar around these parts is catching some energy. Buoys look similar maybe slightly up. Wind still ripping down here. The hunt is on!

  11. EVY

    I enjoyed that vid too, I am always thinking about the guy out there in the water with the camera –like don’t they get pounded????…, and then it’s Machado <3 ….
    Gerry Lopez, Rob Machado, Cory Lopez…. my favorites —
    Did not get waves… the fricking traffic won…..whole lotta tourista's jammin & crammin every bit of asphalt …but they're leaving and it's getting warmer <3

  12. Ericito

    Unreal catching crashboats good and uncrowded! One of my favorite waves on the planet! Sick shots and score!

  13. Fuggin

    Dreamscape looking real dreamy! I’ll have to settle for the 1-2footers rolling through still this evening. Gonna hit it with some foam!

  14. EVY

    The waves had my name on them yesterday…..as if I wrote a request to Neptune and he decided to please me. For two hours I escaped all of the worries, sadness I’ve been heart holding…..for two hours I forgot everything – even my age. And I am grateful to our Creator for providing that for me

  15. admin Post author

    epic Evy so stoked for you!!! he loves you and that’s why he gave you that. leave the garbage behind. have a great Monday hope you find some more…

  16. DW

    St Pete saw some tiny waves yesterday…barely LB’able, Not meaning to spoil the good vibes about knee hi surf but Surf Line nailed it as copied below. πŸ™‚ Eventually the Gulf will see a legit wave the last being the 3/21-22/18 event. Maybe next Sunday Micah? Too far out to say.

    Surfline: “β€’Small SW windswell/dribble early week”

  17. m-dub

    I said the South facers meaning STPete would not get it. the guys down South sure looked like they had fun on ‘knee-high dribble’… I saw waves in Captiva Venice and Bradenton, just not Pinellas county.

    I would take the weekend forecast with a grain of salt because with la nina it almost always goes Notch down sorry

  18. Rob Hyypio

    It was fun where I went. I got a few keepers – even though it was small, there were plenty of lines to be found. It actually got glassy and clean right before I left prior to Noon. Nothing to write home about, but I’m glad that I did the dawn patrol yesterday morning.

  19. Fuggin

    I scored 2 log sessions yesterday (fun & clean in the am) & again this am. The hunt continues tomorrow schwing!

  20. DW

    A proper wave Sun evening thru Tue morning…in Pinellas no less! Fun despite the wind first two days and even a clean LB session yesterday before work with Lenny’s crew, some SUP’ers and beginners making it all mellow yellow surf.

  21. tobin

    Upham malnourishment is still ongoing. for only the cost of a cup of coffee a day you can make a difference. sand will be flowing on sunset soon . Hope it works.

  22. DW

    Julieta the li’ shredder!!! So fun to surf with your kids. Mine are grown but remember it well. πŸ™‚

    Ha, “beach renourishment”, government double speak for subsidized dredge and fill for the moneyed interests.

    Today would be a good day to have off and be on the EC.

  23. Fuggin

    Small lb lines rolling in this afternoon knee- occasionally thigh+ gonna hit it with some foam!

  24. EVY

    Arrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvy – why didn’t I check here first thing in the morning????

  25. Fuggin

    Had a fun sesh on the beater, got a few turns in. Definitely a lil wzve out there still… 099 3ft@6-7sec

  26. Ericito

    Been catching sessions all week at ^ham, when its little its fun. That shoal 200yds out needs to go. Talked to thebsute engineer and the guy in charge at fwc, said theyre taking a break during winter due to all the wave action, and how they have to pack it up and move it all into the pass every swell event. Should resume soon, with 6 100foot rick jetties with T’s on the end AND dredging the shoal and putting it on to the beach! Been great to take lil dude surfing all week! Heading to kauai on tuesday! Blessings everyone

  27. admin Post author

    thanks for the update bro. Surf Story youve probably heard before: In 1999 we had a strong SW trough and they had just dredged Upham and we had chest high barrels for days on low incoming. Peaky perfect SW summer waves, so fun… hope it’s btter than ever when they are done…

  28. DW

    Interesting comments about Upham dredging.
    MW, Back in ’99 are you referring to Upham proper or the north side of Blind Pass? I had just moved back to TB in’00 and remember old Upham being a good spot for cold fronts and the north side of Blind Pass (not the shoals) being the spot in Pinellas on a SW’er in the early 2000’s. Both pretty much suck now…what happened? My guess is those darn shoals are the culprit, so u guys thinkin’ the dredge will remove them and then “renourish” Upham with it? Loss of the shoal SUP wave may make few unhappy but they get over it. The slit-in will reestablish as always. Sorry to name spots but hey these are well know and ain’t no secrets in the digital age.

  29. admin Post author

    Upham propper, the peak was about 50yrds str8 out from the tall white ugly condo on the point, that’s how far the sand went out. The 2-3ft windswell would wedge into a chest sometimes plus peaks and dump over in a tube and spin down the sand. that was pre digital camera- film days… 04 I switched to digital so be4 04 I dont have a lot of pics. But I never got too many good shots of Upham. Ryan at gulfster did pre 2009 or so.

  30. Rob Hyypio

    I remember that pic / session from 2010 Micah. I think that I took that pic … I think it was me, you, Boyer and Heath that day right after they dredged Upham.

    My take on Upham … I think that it’s going to get interesting after they dredge that shoal. It currently cuts off all North swell from reaching the beach. It will only break on a West or SW swell these days and it hasn’t been the same since before they put in the GEO tubes.

    That being said, when the rocks are finally installed, I am hopeful that sand will gather by the T portion and a nice wedge will develop with multiple peaks up and down the beach. The rocks should absorb the waves rather than create a reverb effect (as what was happening with the GEO tubes) … they key is dredging that shoal though. They way Upham is set up, it’s best on NW swells. I’d love for the kids who surf it today to see what we have been talking about for years .. they have never seen it really work on the NW swells like we did pre GEO tube days.

  31. JDH

    Great discussion! That funky shoal is everything. The key to keeping it gone I think, is to extend the main jetty that sticks out just a bit before it goes into the pass at least 30 yards at Minimum. The longer that jetty sticks out, the more the gradual sand build up will angle and refract amplified swell further down to the south by these new jetties.
    Look how Ponce has that long jetty. That thing will take a southeast wind swell and have refraction and manicured lines breaking longer right and shorter left.
    I wonder what the cost is for those Apalachian granite rocks that they’ve used to build the jetties on the coast. There’s got to be a better solution then the continual millions thrown down the drain. Btw, so the TAX PAYER now funds privatelyowned beaches??? Explain that one to me under the Law.

  32. Fuggin

    Subsidized Beach “Renourishment” is welfare for the rich on our dime. That being said, I hope their futile efforts result in some waves for you guys and gals up there. As a surfrider supporter and naturalist, why don’t they just leave it alone! There are a few condos and hotels down here with their property roped off labeled (private no trespassing!). The last few swells have taken their signage and most of the sand to the sea lmao. Jetties do work imo and usually enhance surf, but tgroins and geotubes are ridiculous.

  33. JDH

    Wild weather that must’ve been that day. Just goes to show that even in may which I consider our most tranquil month, there has always been the anomaly. Any knee high day that can slide my fun shape in may is a bonus.
    The old bridge must’ve been a sight to behold. What an experience that would have been.

    Fuggin: No doubt man! πŸ™‚

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