A Good May, on it’s way out…

Thurs 5/31 7am WFL Best May Ever? How many Cayo Huesos was that? Pretty little 1ft South Line this am, last day of May 2018. Some spots could be rideable on a LB but it’s really small. The 1ft line should be around today. It is not forecast to bump back up too much this afternoon. Friday and Saturday look calm but Sunday could have some wind waves late in the day before dark. Monday and Tuesday next week look to have knee to occ waist high surf with onshore flow. Enjoy your day.

Still flat this am but it’s on the way. Best day looks to be Sunday…


May 2009, Cayo Hueso.

About the forecaster: My name is Micah Weaver. I’m from St Petersburg, Florida. I started forecasting for the WFL gulf in the mid 1980’s and continue to do so up to today. I currently live in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Thanks for visiting aurasurf.com

117 thoughts on “A Good May, on it’s way out…

  1. Rob Hyypio

    Buoy is still SE .. not gonna get anything til it starts clocking S and SW … uggg … (back to bed) ..

  2. Fuggin

    It turned on here in the last hour. Waist-chest shore break with storm tide. Shoal still firing

  3. RUSS-D

    I am so on the fence about this morning. Buoy (Egmont) is at 4.7’@6secs with a south wind. Might be something fun, might not. My back is tired from that little mush I surfed at sunset last night, and it is telling me to stay home. The brain is saying “you’re all loaded up, GO!!!!” hmmmm. Coffee is brewed, decisions are being thought about.

  4. RUSS-D

    So the Egmont buoy has jumped up 6.6’@6secs but the swell went from 198° to 178° (that’s almost due South). I am not dawn patrolling it that’s for sure. Waiting to see the cams and make the call from there.

  5. Fuggin

    Meh, still ridable out there. Looks like poo though. This swell is very peaky and the short period waves make for some sick head high drops and then fizzle. There was a small moment of glory yesterday am before that south wind started cranking. I might do some searching later today after I get my bbq on!

  6. Rob Hyypio

    My knee is killing me. Looks pretty crappy today on cams. Good reason (not to surf) …. for me anyway.

    I think the EURO won this one

  7. Fuggin

    I think the gfs won with formation from long range, the euro wins on getting the track somewhat correct. Although, earlier last week euro was showing LA landfall while GFS was thinking SFL and today looks like Panama City Bch area is where. Props to Nhc for “coning” that area days ahead of landfall.

  8. RUSS-D

    4.9 ft 216°T 7 s if you know what these numbers mean, you know you should search for a sandbar. 😀 I will be at work, enjoy.

  9. Fuggin

    Fun waves this am in the waist plus range and semi clean with a suprise light wind in Sarasota. Wind is picking up now but there is still some swell in the water. Another pulse tomorrow? Stoked!

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