Buenos Dias! We Got Surf!

Waves OK, Surf All Day!

Saturday, January 8th 8am! Looks about waist high in St Pete this am. Nice morning, go surfing, should be around all day! Buoy is 9ft from the west, this is the day you’ve been waiting for GC. Light onshore winds hopefully will lay down even more. Swell por todos lados today! Water temp is 57 in CLW and 59 in Venice. Post your reports and updates in the comments, we will. Have a great day and surf it up!

On a personal note: I no longer live in St Pete, I’m back in Seminole close to the beach where I grew up using someone else’s computer once in awhile so be patient with me for another couple weeks before we hopefully get back to the normal computer down on la isla.

17 thoughts on “Buenos Dias! We Got Surf!

  1. admin Post author

    checked the local beach here near redington at 9am and it was only knee high and not very good, swell must be still on the way. I m sure other spots are better.

  2. Brandoburger

    IRB was just firing today. Waist + fairly clean with power and decently long lines. Can’t remember the last time I surfed that good of surf on the GC! I’d still be out there but I got 9 hours of surf in the last 2 days, I can barely move. Seemed like the swell was still filling in when I left at 1:45pm. Go get it!

  3. Brandoburger

    All the seaweed must have stayed north…there was a tiny bit mid county, but it was all on the beach.

  4. Olivia

    I surfed my homebreak in IRB for the last three days and today was glassy and REALLY fun! I hope there’s still some little waves left in the morning :]

  5. Rob

    Reports and visuals for Sunday. Anyone? I checked the tradewinds cam …. looks knee high and glassy in St. Pete …

  6. fbc

    hey rob only slightly bigger down in v-town but the low tide never helps at this size – it is breaking in shallow water…

    will this next front pack a lunch – oops, i mean a punch?

  7. Rob

    Thanks Bro … also got word from my friend Joe that the AMI and surrounding beaches are only about knee high and gutless too … guess that’s all she wrote!

  8. fbc

    well i have to say i missed the dawn patrol but i am sure there was some fun stuff, click on my name and check out the firing beachbreak barrels!

  9. Rob

    FBC – thanks for that. You know what? One glace and I know exactly where that is … we love that place!! I nick named it the “Train Station” … Probably pretty fun down there yesterday. And the waves from this morning looked rideable if you are quick on your feet (unlike me)

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