Cindy and Bret

Ariel down from NY to get a taste of WFL surf during Cindy. Thanks to Joey at for the shot.

Friday WFL Report 7:30am: Sunday completely clam. Tropics have really quieted down. There is one spin wave that is 2 days east of Barbados otherwise pretty clear. I have not seen the Atlantic this devoid of systems in a year. Doldrums on the way. If you need to surf you may have to travel or check the Volusia Cnty forecast. This is pretty common to see it go totally clear during June and July after a run of Tropical WX. Give it a couple weeks and it will fire back up.
How do you rate Cindy? 1-10? and 2017 so far? Some WFL surfers have told me that ‘2017 has been just old school’ even better with a steady diet of waves for the first 6 months. What do you think? Did you get barreled? Tell us in the comments…

Cindy Afterglow

Thumping WFL Action. Photo to aura: Michael Dolan.

Tuesday Waves.

Saturday 8am WFL No Name June Storm Forecast: Tropical soup boiling near Roatan, Honduras will move North over this weekend, pushing through the Keys on Monday. Monday should see a building Cayo Hueso swell at best south facers. Waist high range by afternoon. Jetty spots could be good Tuesday am with South swell and SSE winds waist high range again. Same for Wednesday south swell in the waist high range with 20knt south winds. By that time the low is in the northern gulf pulling a fetch from western Cuba that will put swell on the beach Thursday with possible clean conditions for Thursday, waist high range. Friday small leftover South swell in the knee to thigh range. This entire forecast is for south facing beaches. Beaches that do not get good south swell will be tiny for this one as there does not look to much west in the swell, just deep south. So seek and you will find but the best south facing beaches may have surf all week with the best day looking like Thursday right now. Stay tuned. First chance at surf looks to be during the day on Monday at best south swell spots. Enjoy your weekend, wax em up.

Bret Post Game Show from NW PR:

Domes on Wednesday.

Domes on Wednesday.

The best thing about June in PR (besides the distant LP background swells) is that all the fruit is getting ripe. Nature is so generous. Parchas falling off the vine, bananas, plantains, lemons, avocados, coco’s, tomatoes, etc. everything is ready to be picked and eaten. All the trees are blooming also.

The yellow trees are Cassia, red; flamboyan(royal poinciana) and the purple; Reina de las flores.

Wall of Kool Aid: Photo: M-Dub.


41 thoughts on “Cindy and Bret

  1. fbc

    work, chores and kids are enough to keep me racing the clock… makes time blur by fast. The amount of homework a first grader brings home is too much πŸ™ nice water pic of you

  2. Ericito

    Farm too! I love growing food! Bike rides, swimming, free diving the pass, hanging with the family, zoo, park, aquarium usual kids stuff too!

  3. paul higgins

    If i’m not working on an A/C unit i’m paddle boarding or kayaking or working on the honey do list.
    I say yes make your kids go surfing, our mother made us go down to the beach every day and swim in that cold lake Michigan water, and the only devices we had were a Sunfish, a Hobie 16 sailboat, and a 8ft Hansen single fin, and in the winter we went snow skiing, if our parents did it we did it, and with no cable tv back then we only had 5 channels to watch.

  4. Rob Hyypio

    Yes – you should force your kid to go surfing. I do it all the time … haha. Props to Julie for picking off a great wave too … very nice. Stoked!

  5. Rob Hyypio

    Super VAS conditions out back right now. I am sure that it’s big and chunky somewhere, but so nasty out back that it doesn’t even look rideable @ 11:30 am

  6. greg

    Yep…it is now. Had a blast all day Thursday. Super fast fade for that swell. Really good in the afternoon and almost totally gone by evening.

  7. Ericito

    Thanks for the shout out dude! Friday was totally awesome! No one out for the first few hours so we scored it all ourselves !!! So unreal! Mahalo and blessings bro!

  8. Rob Hyypio

    I see what you mean about 003 at 11 seconds. WTH? Where’d the MWD go? Also – I never noticed the visual that it posts … that’s super cool. It shows little snap shots of the current conditions every so often. Gotta remember to check that where there’s pumping ground swell.

  9. Rob Hyypio

    Now that buoy is taking pictures of it up on the deck of a ship. I think that the wack readings were because it’s being serviced.

  10. jack short

    6 o’clock and barely a puff of wind out here on the beaches. We’re basically still looking at the same one foot of ground swell we’ve had for the last 3 days.

  11. EVY

    Sheeeesh, I’m stuck on the porch – venomous spider bite – yellowsac – OMG!! nearly bought the show
    Happy thinking of someone getting something somewhere.

  12. OriginalJud

    honestly it was trash last night, get wet and paddle sure, surf, nah not really

  13. Rob Hyypio

    Checked a few spots on my lunch break. Looks ugly: Brown. Chocolate milk. Frothy. Waist maybe.

  14. admin Post author

    i didnt hear too many people stoked on this wave event… what happened?

  15. Ericito

    It was fun just windy or not really strong waves. Definitely smaller than the last front, kinda disappointing but if you knew where to look you could catch a few. Hoping there’s something left tomorrow morning with the light offshore winds.

  16. admin Post author

    thanks Ericito I think Sunday could have a small south line probably not too rideable but something

  17. DW

    Couple comments about this last little windswell. Here in Pinellas it was pretty weak and lame throughout, although I did get a fun session Wed afternoon on my LB, as it was a no go for me on the SB (old, fat). Heard from my son that it was much bigger down south Wed so Thr I ducked out of work early to hit that AMI spot on the higher tide and it was chest to occ. head high! So there ya go, some places south of the bay magnified the swell…most places did not.

  18. Mattyb

    Found some waist occasionally bigger sets at sunset Wednesday afternoon. Got a couple to connect all the way thru to the inside. Then the crowd got real thick. Yesterday was a surprise! I was working during the morning incoming tide (which I heard was good). Paddled out around 2pm for an hour of clean, consistent waist high peaks in Pinellas. Not as big as we all would of liked but for a swell event in June…I’ll take it!

  19. EVY

    Checking in and seeing what the tribe has been up to….15 days down with a SpiderBite….finally able to entertain the idea of getting out in the brine…wound from the bite is almost healed. No joke! watch out for YellowSac Spiders– seems I was the third bite the clinic dealt with in a month — perhaps an uptick in the population. Reading the comments I see there were rides…. just didn’t miss to much while tied to the porch.

  20. Ericito

    Stoked for the waves! I just hope the local spots don’t get too crowded, if they do, it’ll be time to hit those out the way never named spots everyone keeps in their back pocket. It seems like if the waves get good, alot of people all over the state come to say….Sunset beach and it’s packed shoulder shoulder 300+ like Isaac a couple years back. Forecast on swell info looks unbelievable and the east coast is flat, so I’m guessing we will have alot of out of Towner’s around! Stoked either way! Gonna try and get some media from the swell and post it up like videos and pics! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!!!!

  21. jack short

    Working Siesta today. Waist to chest and very disorganized as of 11am. Some fun ones though.

  22. OriginalJud

    Surf was really fun last night in St Petes. Finally some groundswell. You know its a tropical event,
    so its lully and goes flat for 20 minutes and then boom sets roll through.

  23. Rob Hyypio

    There’s a little nook on the beach behind the resort where I work that is working right now. Thigh to waist high and punchy. That’s pretty good for “out back” when the swell is S / SSW / SW … nobody in it either! That being said, it’s gotta be firing elsewhere.

  24. Ericito

    Hey mw! Just letting you know we have been surfing north of the sunset cam, so while it looks smaller on the cam, it’s been bigger than what it looks there. Just letting you know! I think all the sand is gone around the jetty bit a lil north of there is the magic spot!

  25. DW

    Ericito is correct, that area north of the Sunset main lot magnifies these south swells. I hit for a hour and a half at sunup today and pretty fun, occ. chest high set on the incoming. Yesterday afternoon down in AMI was the best for me though, super fun and bigger sets than in Pinellas was getting!

  26. Tonmalon

    Yeah the jetty @ sunset has literally been flat the past two days while up the beach got the sets… Weellll over waist high.. Some grinders for sure.. Blessed everybody got some

  27. admin Post author

    stoked for you guys. Glad St Pete got some nugs! I missed it by a week and had to settle for 2′ Domes, looks like an active summer I want to come back for a channel swell πŸ™‚

  28. greg

    Always happy to get waves and Cindy sent a fun swell for sure. That said…I was a little disappointed with the size in Pine. With the track she was on I was thinking it would be shoulder to even HH. It was a summer treat so no complaining allowed. Give it a 4/10. Wish I could have made it down to AMI. Probably much better down there.

  29. Rob Hyypio

    I was only able to surf one day during the Cindy event (that being Tuesday and I called in sick). It wasn’t anything epic, but there were some fun waves to be had. The challenge when it’s all S and SSE like it was is finding an (uncrowded) break that works on such a swell – which we did manage to find. I also surfed a spot where everyone and their mother was out at – and I much prefer sacrificing a little bit of size for better quality and less people. I hear that Monday was a lot of fun in the evening, and that Wednesday morning was firing at certain spots- but I was stuck holding down the fort both those days. Wish I could hit Lotto or something so I could blow off all commitments and just surf, but the reality is that these days, I gotta pick and choose my battles. Whatever the case – as far as this swell is concerned, we technically got 5 days of waves out of it – with 2 of them being pretty notable. Because of it’s duration coupled with 2 quality days, I think that you’d gotta rate this one a strong 6 or maybe a weak 7.

  30. higgy baby

    I agree work sucks, I only made it out to TI at 6 pm wednesday, got some waist high low tide wind chop, but still had a fun workout.

  31. EVY

    Finally healed up from that fricking Yellow Sac Spider poison bite….. and yesterday after being in dry-dock for over 4 weeks – Divine time in the Brine…….first spot I picked was not happening… never ceases to amaze me how a quarter mile walk can change the scene and there’s a wave waiting for me. Thanks Micah for all you do here and to the tribe that writes some very good posts.

  32. Evy Alland

    β€œThe dead zone develops when nitrogen-rich runoff from the Midwestern farm belt pours into rivers and out into the Gulf. That runoff is loaded with fertilizer, as well as nutrients from animal and human waste, and it fuels the growth of algae that die, sink, and decompose, depleting oxygen levels offshore. That drives away marine life in the zone β€” or kills species that can’t escape.”

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