Waves ok, surf all day… afternoon at least.

Sunday am, not up yet. 1ft N Line in St Pete.

Sunday 8am: Not really up yet but it will be by this afternoon. I still think there is a chance for fun waves from say 2 or 3pm until dark. Water did not get that much of a chance for to warm up. 58 in Venice 54 in CLW so take all your rubber. I hope you find some waves this afternoon. The later the better, high tide is at 8pm. We will update as soon as we hear of waves. Cool vid of Shea in Costa Rica is posted below. The latest on the move.

9 thoughts on “Waves ok, surf all day… afternoon at least.

  1. fbc

    hey admin wish you would go surf at st. armands for sunset sesh there’s a couple of good sandbars there and i sure would like some photog practice,

  2. admin Post author

    3pm: Im hearing knee to thigh and cold in N Pinellas.
    wow looking like a skunk… my bad sorry

  3. Jeff King

    sk from 10:30 to 12 was thigh high with waist plus sets light wind and fun.. 8 guys out one photo guy. I couldnt beleive how fun and cold it was!! 5 sundays in a row of a few fun waves and it looks like we might get a 6th!

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