December First Surf Alert

Open door for the arctic express.

Glad everybody scored some waves. Our next round looks extended and should begin by Sunday afternoon. And it’s going to be cold. Like 3 fronts booked to come thru next week. Sunday Monday and Wednesday. 2-3ft surf every day with N and NW winds. Keep em waxed up and break out the booties for later next week. Already? Yeah it looks chilly. Downhill pattern headed for Florida. Lots goin on in the comments with yours truly catching some heat for telling peeps to take the day off.

17ft Angler For Sale.

I had always resisted boat ownership.
I was trying to keep things simple. In 2007, this little vessel landed in my lap. It’s a 17ft Angler with a 115hp Evinrude. Over the last three years I have discovered how incredibly fun boating is. If I had known this before I would have had a boat a long time ago. Boating and fishing and skurfing is a great way to have fun as a family. It can totally make the “lack of surf” depression go away and help you get ‘a fix’ of being out on the water. The area in which we live is more beautiful from the water and can thus be better appreciated from a boat. My dad always told me “the happiest days of boat ownership are the first day and the last day. The first, because you are excited to get a boat, and the last because you are excited to sell it”. Well, I can say at this point I don’t believe it because I’m bumming I have to sell my boat. It’s more than that, what I’m selling here is a dream and an instrument for sanity and a little vessel I have had great times on with my kids. And here is the thing: This boat runs great. The motor is in excellent running condition. It has a new battery, new steering cable, new axle on the trailer. I have had this boat all over Tampa Bay, countless times to beautiful Egmont and a few miles offshore grouper fishing in the gulf and it has never let me down. She has a 2.5ft draft so she’s good on the flats but the deep V hull makes her handle seas muy suave. So here she is looking for a good home and happiness. I wanted to put it here on aura first because it could be useful to a surfer. It throws a nice 1 1/2ft wake also. I am asking $2000.00. Contact for more info.

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