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Sunday 4/24 WFL Surf Outlook: Nothing new to report as WFL is seeming to make an early transition into a late spring pattern. Check the ATL for your next surf… Next Forecast: Thursday.

Indy has had a good April and the GC crew has been there to take advantage of it. Photo: M Dub.

Indy has had a good April and the GC crew has been there to take advantage of it. Photo: M Dub.


Costa Rica
has been a favorite destination for surfers for decades. Easy access to perfect surf, friendly locals, natural beauty and amazing tropical wildlife are all easily available. Uvita is one of the up and coming areas in SW Costa Rica. It is desirable due to it’s close proximity to the consistent waves of Playa Dominical and it’s an easy striking distance to Pavones, one of the world’s longest, funnest lefts. Casa Uvita features comfort in new construction minutes from the surf breaks of Dominical with an awesome view of the whales tale. Check into Casa Uvita for your next Costa Rica surf trip. Click the Casa Uvita image for VRBO and contact info.

104 thoughts on “Weekly Outlook

  1. JB

    Great shots Micah, those are some monster waves. Healing vibes to Eric, love skating don’t love falling

  2. Evy Alland

    Call me irresponsible ….abandoned all designated tasks yesterday, grabbed the new surfboard and got in the brine. First time since late December I could finally get 100% wet , sans wetsuit, just a neoprene top and enjoy Lady Gulf…..mostly flat with a small ribbon wave… I paddled, and paddled far from the sun tan oil slick .. just past the buoys where the voices & sounds of 2-leggeds were muted; all I could hear were the songs of the sea and her creatures. To be rejoined with the water, after what seemed like an eternity of separation, affected me so deeply, there were tears of joy, gratitude….and as corny as it may sound… I felt embraced…. hugs and love happen in many different ways….we tend to be attune to a few – other 2-leggeds, our pets….forgetting, perhaps not quite seeing how Mother Earth loves us and Nature’s Embrace is always there.
    Near the end of my quiet reflection… I spied a few dark and large shadows in the deep ahead of me….observing quietly & ruling out shark, I quickly realized this was a dolphin group…..excited I hoped to be able to recognize a fluke. And, yes… yes I did….3 distinct scallops on his fluke, my heart pounding -the rest of me in frozen stillness….the pair slowed and surfaced…. and for a brief magical moment my eyes and 3-Scalloped Fluke locked in together….”Aloha, brother of the Sea…..do you remember me, do you remember the time we met before the birth of my youngest, do you remember dancing for my kids in the morning, do you remember taking a wave with me…. staring into my eye…..?
    I believe you do 3-Scallop, I do, I do.”

  3. admin Post author

    beautiful Evy!

    Rob Im working my way up to it. Ill post a pic of the biggest wave I got so far I think.

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