Saturday 6am DP: Looking pretty small in the dawn light. Is the Venice surfline cam infa red? holy cow you can see everything. Looks knee to thigh down there and knee high in St Pete. Buoys are still semi-solid from the N and NW 4-7ft at 7 seconds. Hope you find some waves. Maybe it will pulse mid morning… Tide is low but not too low and trying to come in acc to the PORTS data. Take a big board and lo expectations. ESA will score some thigh high clean lines, hopefully waist high.

Friday Gulf Surf. Photos by Tony Coleman.

TC has been sidelined with a small injury so here he is behind the lens snapping some killer pics of Brandon and others at N County today. Thanks TC for the shots. Keep the GC stoke going!

TC has been sidelined with a small injury so here he is behind the lens snapping some killer pics of Brandon and others at N County today. Thanks TC for the shots. Keep the GC stoke going!









Friday 6am WFL Updater: The front just passed 036 at 6am. Everything is on track to play out as planned for once. The forecast below looks to stick. All the models are forecasting solid return flow next week even for the eastern gulf so there may be a south swell next week for the X mas Holiday :). Enjoy the surf. Need rubber? Check out the Compound.
Thursday WFL 12/17/16 6am: There could be a small ridable S/SW swell at the best south facing beaches at some point today, there have been some winds N of Cuba, worth a glance with low expectations. Tomorrow the surf should be ridable by lunchtime as a solid cold front does what it’s supposed to do. Biggest waves will be before dark Friday then Saturday looks knee to waist high and glassy and chilly for the ESA contest at SVJ.
Announcement: ESA WFL contest number 3 will be this Saturday at Venice south jetty. Sign-up starts at 7:30 AM contest will start at 8:30. $25 first division & $10 each additional division. Must have an ESA active membership.

Costa Rica
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28 thoughts on “Surf-ter-day

  1. evy alland

    AYE CARUMBA!!!!! Where am I ?????
    Looks like we have a new sandbar to hang out on….
    East Wind : (( has joined up with El Norte’ and the two of them are blowing hard, windows rattled all night and it’s FLAT. SUN is shining so no whine here…New T&C board I scored free is getting dinged repaired – hoping WAVES and the fixed board show up at the same time. South Swell…….please visit.

  2. Bfisch

    I can’t believe the Gulf… Is it time to finally write off this place? Are the weather patterns just getting worse for the Gulf, as proven in recent years? Is the future of West Florida just for the snow-birds and not for surfers? Every year, it seems like we have fewer days of surf. I reviewed my friend’s Gulfcoast surf journal and it definitely has a downward trend.

  3. admin Post author

    i was thinking the same thing Bfisch, how long can this go on for? how many surf days has there been since the 3 week run in July? Crazy… sorry guys, this sucks…

  4. Robbed72

    Well – look on the bright side: Winter doesn’t officially begin until 12/21. Most of you guys will remember that the past several Decembers have been very similar to this one (which is almost Spring like as far as the temps are concerned). Even January started out kinda warm, but it was short lived … waves turned on January, Feb, and even in March … we had 3 months of consistent surf. It’ll happen soon.

  5. jack

    Pattern seems to be that the surf happens later and later each year.
    I remember when I started we thought it was weird when October passed without much surf. Now we’re lucky if it happens by January. Still seems to be over by March, though.

  6. evy alland

    Good point Jack – weather patterns have changed -grumble,mumble- and seemingly not in our favor.
    5:27 AM and I’m in here looking for waves …clearly indicating Wave withdrawal and my getting desperate for salty brine playtime. Micah can deal with the weathermap, I’m going to Neptune perhaps I can whisper in his ear and get some southy swell in our direction

  7. K

    I officially gave up on the Gulf this year. More east coast trips and stopped checking the beach for “knee to thigh”.

  8. d-bot

    Every year we think its the worse year. What I have noticed is the intensity of the cold fronts has diminished significantly in the last 10 years. It used to be the same thing South Swell, Blow out day, Clean up day. All in the waist to chest at minimum. Now we are fortunate to get a knee high wave. But, the earth keeps spinning, time passes, and patterns change.

  9. JB

    More negativity: It is ridiculous that the Pipe Masters trials didn’t start yesterday. Watching 7 ft Clean Pipe live yesterday, all day on the Surfline HD cam. Guys getting shacked at Pipe and Backdoor. Why didn’t the WSL run it?!?! They’re waiting for the weekend?! Everyones going to be mad when the finals are held in sub par waves and a charger doesn’t win. I hope I’m wrong. Why didn’t they run it?!?! Will they run it today? Who knows? Oh now its to big. Kooks of the week.

  10. JB

    Well after watching the epic trials yesterday I may have been wrong about the WSL’s call. Still hoping its going off for the finals tho.
    The real Kook of the week

  11. evy alland

    I did all the right things for this to fall into place…. whispered sweetly in Neptune’s ear, gave Gratitude to Lady Gulf…. and my new FREE GIFTED board is IN THE SHOP getting DINGED REPAIRED., this formula worked the last time, hoping for a repeat. Gracias for the report Micah

  12. Greg

    Small and fun in N pine yesterday. Thought It might need a longboard but the fish was working very well. So happy to get wet in the Gulf for a change.

  13. Rpm

    Yesterday (Tuesday) was so fun, in the right spot it was super clean and stomach to chest consistently by the afternoon!! So stoked you updated in the morning so early. You da man!! Much appreciation.

  14. evy alland

    Gorgeous Waves yesterday, I didn’t got out (was anchored down by X spouse grit) but watching my friends surf helped change my head and THIS MORNING… true to my nature, I score the leftovers…. spent all early morning at Turtle and enjoyed little waves for hours – Sweet Territory of Silence – no human dialogue, just me, the waves and Creator.
    ROSEY’S PHOTO !!!!!!!!!!!!! Most Impressive !

  15. evy alland

    GoodMorning…. awake and watching the front pass through – “Everything is on Track ” : ))))
    – Lifting my Coffee Cup – Cheers Mi Amigos WAVES ON THE WAY !

  16. RUSS-D

    I hate being unsure of the waves. I am looking at all the data and it all shows everything went N/NE super early. I am heading out to look, with low expectations, but hope those expectations are shattered with fun waves. Good news is I have a longboard now, so even small waves will be welcomed(if that;s all there is. 🙂 I hope everyone scores fun nuggets, we Gulfcoasters really deserve it.

  17. RUSS-D

    p.s. surfed the Zoo last night. Got yelled at by Ranger Rick because I didn’t get out of the water when he flashed his lights on us. Power tripping new Ranger for sure. I have always had great conversations with all other rangers, while sitting in the parking lot way past dark. But this guy was a lot like Paul Blart mall Cop, and all attitude and power of authority type. LOL. I shrugged it off, and just started pulling my wetsuit off. I guess he didn’t want to watch a grown man ass as I pulled the wetty off LMAO!!!!

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