Welcome Winter 10/11, Bring it! 1st Big Front of November. Post Your Reports Here.

Knee to thigh and glassy in St Pete Saturday am.

Saturday 8 am Buoys are 6ft from the WNW at 7-8seconds. C-Man site in Venice reporting NNE at 8-10. That’s classic day after… Hopefully the super low tide is not messing it up too bad at those spots that are good on a low tide(there are only a few). I hope your getting some waves. Somebody gimme a report around noon. Hopefully it’s still good. Lots of reports in the comments. Check out the Compound event at Siesta Public today! See the flyer below.

Photos from Friday afternoon in St Pete below. 4pm: I have not surfed ST Pete in so long, I forgot how to get to the beach and had to double back… serious. The shots below are to show you how it was. I am sure it was bigger up the beach but it’s good to surf close to home. The dredge sand reaked of fertilizer makin me sick, the smell from that garbagio… and the shoal is still outside, you can see it breakin the waves in the pics. If there was no shoal it would have been really fun. Rip Curl on… Middles looking so fun and Dane Reynolds the form surfer of the event to me, just going bonkers! pa manyana: Waist high and glassy best c-front spots in the am. I would say it would be bigger but tide will hurt… I think.
Pa que tu sabes: viernes a las 8: Get up, Time to Surf! So cool to finally get waves. Don’t have a viz from N County yet but Im sure it’s waist high based on what you see in St Pete and the buoys. St Pete got 1.75 inches of rain from that powerful front that passed. That was after 8 weeks of drought. It is 59 this am and headed for a high only in the 60’s today. If you bust into your wetsuit no one will make fun of you:) It’s chilly out. Gonna be a great weekend. Check the comments for reports throughout the day and go get some waves! Olas, paz y amor to all the long suffering surfers of WFL.

Wed 11pm: A very strong cold front for the first week of November will pass late Thursday bringing a solid round of surf to the desperately starving surfers of WFL. Finally, waves. Surf will come up on Thursday in the afternoon possibly stormy, waist high and choppy. Friday best c-front spots could see chest to head high choppy surf in the afternoon with 25knt NW winds. Overnight Friday night the wind will lighten slightly and clock NNE giving WFL it’s first day after swell in years. Look for waist to chest high clean swell at the best c-front spots down south on Saturday am. Wind call for Saturday am is NNE at 15. There will be a low tide Saturday around 7am, so slow incoming after that. This is what you’ve waited for WFL, you more than deserve it. I hope you can all blow off whatever you have going on and takes these two and a half days to surf your brains out. There’s nothing behind it, yet. So surf it up. You can post your reports in the comments here. Wetsuits will be needed on Saturday, run in the Compound and grab one. SURF, SURF, SURF!
You could even DP Saturday am and then go help out with the Compound (see flyer below) event and the kids will have some clean little waves to surf.

freshies from the rip curl search.... JK

SPB Warped!!!

Taj Burrow in PR... not

SPB Friday afternoon. all photos by Rob Hyppio

better tomorrow?

78 thoughts on “Welcome Winter 10/11, Bring it! 1st Big Front of November. Post Your Reports Here.

  1. fbc

    K.J. if you’re not at a wind protected spot be prepared to drift like castaway, Rob good job on the pics I have cruddy video but it looked the same size down here just clean because of the jetty

  2. e.alland

    SK men looked happy coming out of the water – I took a pass ….. would have been a leaf getting tossed about
    FBC – SAY IT ISN’T SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO — that’s way cold for this carib Queen & the wetsuit leaks LOL
    ah well -just going to have to tough it out!! Hope MaNature feels benevolent and warms things up – LOL I signed up for ALL DAY

    ~M – got the msg : )

  3. TO

    Someone going to call a shot for tomm? Saw that winds were to come out of the NNE about 6am tomm. Anyone see the same thing?

  4. admin Post author

    called my shot up top, waist high and glass… gnarly low tide messing with it but good swell and good wind esp. way down south.

  5. Rob

    I’ll make a take … buoys up … we will still be getting a west component in the swell, but the winds are going North and to the NNE … find a jetty … or find a beach that it’s offshore and not side shore.

    As far as the size is concerned, I am betting on a solid chest (with plus sets) swell … best early … take pics. It’s gonna be fun!

  6. Rob

    Awww man. Forgot about that “gnarly low tide” … so forget about the plus sets … but I bet it’s going to be up to chest high somewhere 🙂 side note … just checked the pics from the other site … and the 20th one down is why I hate surfing Butt Flea … fins in that guy’s face messing up what would be some good alone time in a pit. Grrrr.

  7. bobsghost

    Told you all, low tide and north winds! The curse isn’t over for us. I hate you all. Someone burn a board.

  8. e.alland

    up early 5:00am & it’s mucho FRIO – aye yia yia, pouring the coffee down my throat and getting ready for the Compound’s surf event w/Autistic kids — hoping that seeing SWFL Florida’s finest surfers will provide some heat -heh, heh, heh

  9. fbc

    i hear ya, e, hope it warms up a little by 9, sounds like the wind won’t get gnarly until this afternoon

  10. Nick

    looks like the wind is already on it pretty good from where i’m sitting. Howling right now from the North at 8:22 am. I’m gonna try and stay optimistic but it my “desk guess” right now makes me feel like it’s a repeat of yesterday but smaller. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be suprised at the beach.

  11. admin Post author

    waist high in venice and bton some spots cleaner than others w N wind. tide screwing it up

  12. JF

    Checked Venice to Ana Maria (9 spots). All basically sucked. Best I saw at AM maybe waist plus but wind was chewing on it. If you are desperate there is a small wave to ride but the low tide and wind have really killed what could have been.

  13. RUSS-D

    shot over the bridge and caught a few fun ones, mixxed in with a lot of close-out barrels. Dont know if it will hold, but more towards the Piers looked kinda fun, but we where on our wayt out.

  14. Rob

    Hmmmm. Dos Pinos … that’s where i was thinking when I gave my take last night 🙂 By the way … Bobsghost … is your name Paul?

  15. e.alland

    Fun times at SiestaKey. Compounds hookup w/ the Autistic kids was an incredible experience. I have to say watching the “Surf Tribe” community in action teaching these kids and providing an experience that lit up so many young faces — I lost count. For me, the most beautiful moments were when these salty-dog guys would piggy back the little ones out to the wave so they would feel secure –what can I say, Surfers rock! It was cold, the sand crunched like snow, the wind blew, — but the Sun was shining strong & coffee and food were endless. The joy from the kids — warmed the soul enough to over come the temps. Some kids took to the boards immediately and there was cheering & hooting from all who participated and watched… Some kids went from laying down, to sitting, to standing up. Absolute rapture painted on their faces. Incredible Day

    FBC & famalia!!!!

  16. fbc

    si that was fun watching their faces- there was a sick wave reeling over an extremely shallow sandbar, tide too low and waves zipped too fast… venice jetty this afternoon was waist high but long lines and fun long rides, check http://vimeo.com/nokomissurfreport
    it was cool seeing you there, e., now that I live down here I don’t surf SRQ enough (well, it’s not like there’s been an overload of waves)… man that was some cold air a blowin’!

  17. RUSS-D

    I doubt there is a ridable wave this morning. Winds been East too long, and swell is wrong direction now. . .
    Marine Forecast (next 6-12 hours)
    Wind Speed:19 mph
    Wind Direction:NNE (22°)
    Sea State:Rough
    Sea Surface Temp:79 F
    Wave Height:4 ft. (Chest-high)
    Wave Direction:NNE (19°)
    Wave Period: 5 sec.

  18. fbc

    Slater wins 10th world title, really unbelievable if you think about it from an outside perspective. I think he is a classy guy – he stated he would give it away in a second if it meant AI could come back. I met him one time in Maui in 2005, he was just hangin’ out at the clifftop at honolua bay at dusk, he was there for a celeb golfing tournament at kapalua… I was surprised to see that he is really not a very big guy at all, but boy what an athlete he is, congrats KS

  19. Rob

    For what it’s worth, I will have a vis from so Pine in 45 minutes.

    I bet it’s nearly flat with no swell on the horizon.

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