Endless Winter

Tuesday in Venice, nice wave!

Tuesday in Venice, nice wave! Thanks to venicejetty.com for the pic.

Wed 1 28-2015 DP Stats: All Killer, No Filler with this one GC. What a nice run of waves… Surfed out yet? Heck no… Today’s the last day for a few days until the jet returns to the SE this weekend. What I see today is a declining sea state north to south which will need to be maximized by the best groundswell, leftover, day after spots the further south the better. Buoys down south are bigger than N, call it 6ft at 7seconds from the WNW. Winds NNE at 10. That always meant knee to waist high range with some plus sets at the best spots. I imagine this morning it looks pretty small with the minus tide causing some morning sickness. Choose carefully today and you should find some fun waves. Go with low expectations and expect it to be small and you could be surprised. Probably it needs some water to push in and you need it to warm up a bit. Extended looks great, we’ll talk more about that later but right now Monday looks to be the next day with surf. Hope you find some waves today. I’m out of the office till late so I wont be able to update with a viz(still dark out), check venicejetty.com there should be some fun waves at the queen of the coast today although the low tide won’t help it.

Tuesday 6am DP Stats: Huge storm over the NE… Nice set up today. Winds have really backed off over the last few hours. It blew close to 30 last night but now that is halved and down in Venice it’s N at 15. Amazing how they get that little land breeze effect down there. Desk guess is waist high range at the best spots, maybe conservative. There has been a big difference in size from CLW to Captiva judging by the pics. Kyle Applefield caught the bomb at N Pinellas County, 1ft OH, props to him. Looks to be some fun surf around this am. Especially if the wind stays off of it a little bit. Ill be back mid morning or so with an update.

Thanks to Russ-D for the shots!

Fun waves at N County today.

Fun waves at N County today.

IMG_12041242015 u00A9RUSS-D

IMG_13921242015 u00A9RUSS-D

Monday Night Surfball: Looks knee to waist with onshores for the am. By late in the day another 20knt pulse will push through NE gulf setting up the Wednesday am clean up. Looks knee to waist high and clean for Wednesday am as the surf finally fades late Wednesday. More waves maƱana…

The Compound Rocks!

8 thoughts on “Endless Winter

  1. admin Post author

    From Russ the Monday report: waves where super funky and hella chunky, but oh so fun. I am in LOVE with my new NXTC. it turns like a friggin champ. Took a lot of pics today as well, the boys where killing it.

  2. Robbed72

    Pics look amazing Russ … I put one of (I think it was Kyle) on my facebook page … 1′ OH BOMB at the peak … Solid!! I have to admit that I feel a little left out as I had to work until 5 pm. BUT … I will never hate on my friends for scoring good waves … ALWAYS happy for the Pinetown crew and our friends over the bridge when there’s good swell … I’m looking forward to Spring already … looking forward to feeling my feet beneath my board – LOL …

  3. Robbed72

    Mid / Pinellas is waist high this morning … visual from out back … still pretty choppy and disorganized despite the wind backing off …

  4. jack

    Jesse, Jane and I scored some nice big drops at Top Secrets last night. I love the ocean when it’s going bananas like this — windblown and crazy and big (for the gulf, anyway) — and the tourists on the beach look at you like you’re nuts for going in.

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