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Friday post surf update: I cant even begin to speculate about next week as the models have been flip flopping all over the place. It would be so cool to get the back up score but I think your going to have to drive 3hrs east for that. Make sure you go somewhere that does not close out. Heck fly down to the Caribe. The swell is late getting here. Not much surf into Saturday and then it is supposed to pump for a few days. Long period NE hits the deep bottom early and refracts into a west looking fast moving swell that barrels. Lets see how big it gets. EC try the spots that work with LP NE. Forget about gulf until early next week when we can hopefully call a shot for some more waves around New Years. Enjoy your weekend. Drive safe if you go east. I’m gonna duck out till Sunday at some point. Mucho going on… back next week with another forecast and thanks for all the support in 2014… Really it was awesome and all the support makes me want to work hard to help you score! Especially thanks to Jake at the Compound and Scott Orsisni THE attorney and everybody else… Peace out.

Friday 5am dp: Buoys are 2-3ft at 8 from the west, wind is NE, it’s probably knee high range. Hope you got some fun ones yesterday. Tell us about your sessions in the comments.

Thanks to Russ-D for the shots from Christmas Day 2014, one for the books.

Thanks to Russ-D for the shots from Christmas Day 2014, one for the books.




Thursday am: Waist to chest high and clean in St Pete. Grinding on the sandbar.

Thursday am: Waist to chest high and clean in St Pete. Grinding on the sandbar.

Thurs 12/25 7am: Don’t look at this report! Go Surf! We’ve got swell. Surf looking fun up and down the coast. There is going to be swell all day today and the winds are light N at report time. The jetties have morning sickness, the beach breaks are grinding. Its going to be one of those days GC. Best ground swell spots will be significantly bigger than the shallow water breaks in Pinellas. Beaches that face the south will probably stay clean most of the day. Go surf GC it’s going off!

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  1. DW

    I would like to see some of u’r readers thoughts on the recent NE’er swell on the EC vs. the 4 (I think thats is the right #) TS/Hurricane swells this past summer/fall as far as as quality. Although it was a cold weather event it looks like the NE’er was better than any of the 4 tropos for EFL. I wasn’ there as I’m drydocked w a busted shoulder for a while but I heard reports of certain spots/exposures firing in Brevard Cty Tues.-Thr. and my son spent most the week in SFL surfing from Palm Bch to South Bch MIA and said it an epic event. So what y’all think?

  2. jack

    @DW, I was in the Satellite area for Gonzalo and the NE’er. NE’er was a few feet bigger and a bit more hollow. I think there may have been a more pronounced difference at other spots.

    @BFisch, when’s the next contest you’re putting on?

  3. evy alland

    Great reads here this morning… Christmas list has two things this year – Peace on Earth and a Summer of constant WAVES for SWFL

  4. Aberjams

    Just got back from an epic trip in PR. Best value surf trip for wave starved floridians. So much good waves, food, and vibes. Surfed so many different reefs in such a small time. Caught the best waves of my life 4 sho doe.
    I recommend everyone try to scratch a journey there this winter if they can. No wetsuit required.

  5. Bfisch

    Just had an ESA contest in Ft Pierce yesterday. I will run one on the Gulf next time we have a weekend day with contestable conditions. Now the question is where??? SJ is out, due to the erosion, so who knows… Permits are just about impossible.

    Some spots were epic for the NEster, but I preferred surfing the 4 tropic swells. Less close outs at most beaches with the tropic swells. Only a few spots could handle the NEster swell. The pictures are very deceiving, because most would race off after you snap a picture. Too many people surfing the few good spots…

  6. RUSS-D

    Bfisch, when Greg A. was running the ESAWFL he did a couple of contests with no permits. I think the way to get around that is check what the laws are on the beach you want to hold the contest on. I know Treasure Island has a loophole that has to do with the amount of people in the event. If it is under a certain number, not sure what it is, you don/t need a permit. I would start looking into this at a few different spots(somewhere south, hopefully, for better waves). . Just a suggestion, hope it helps. I know Clearwater Beach wants around 4-6 weeks notice of any event, and we know there is no way to predict swell that far out.

  7. Bfisch

    Thanks Russ! I have checked every beach municipality from Sand Key to Manasota. There are a few that I can run an event without permits, kind of… 😉 The events are always insured, but most beaches require lifeguards and permits with exact dates, which is impossible to schedule on the gulf. Also, the cost of lifeguards and permits can be unaffordable at most beaches. I am working with FL Parks & Recreation to set up floating permits and then working it in with municipalities. The biggest issue that we have is getting mother nature to provide a forecasted contestable weekend day. Micah is the best forecaster on the Gulf, but mother nature still needs to provide… Greg was lucky to run the ESA during years when we had quite a few good weekend fronts. For some

    Jack, go to the WFL Facebook for updates and you can also find them here.

  8. admin Post author

    Thanks Bfisch, back in the day we used to have some good contests at twin piers in Bradenton.

    Anybody know someone who designs wordpress websites?

    thanks again to everyone for the support over the years, looking forward to 2015.

  9. Bfisch

    I tried to get a permit for twin piers, which would be a great location, but they would not allow a floating date and each permit would be $150.

    Jack, thank you! We may be able to work out an event in Sarasota County with the lifeguards assistance. The head lifeguard may be able to help us get a floating permit. I’ll get your number from Jane & call you this week.

  10. Robbed72

    Nice Evy … for a lot of us, it’s a dream trip … the North East coast has gotta pick up cold front swell! South East probably goes off when there’s a Hurricane and prolly gets consistent trade swell.

  11. aber

    Cuba — Soon the Gulf of Mexico’s greatest reefs will be discovered for shredding on. I’m sure it goes off when the cold fronts come through.

  12. gtstommy

    Aber, I have a nautical map of the Gulf on my wall and see the way the Gulf stays super deep until very close to Cuba and always wonder how good it could get, maybe we’ll get to see!

  13. JB

    The waves were almost magically coming to Medina, he misses 15 min of one heat and still beats Fillip who was surprisingly surfing great at Pipe. It felt a little anticlimactic untill the announcement that Julian won and we all went nuts along with probably all of Australia and North America! Lindie congratulating the winners made it super rad, may have to watch that again

  14. RUSS-D

    super stoked for the swell that is on it’s way. I have a new NXTC board that is so close to being ready, but I am not sure it will actually be in my hands in time for this swell. Either way, I have plenty of boards, I am surfing till my arms fall off. I hope everyone scores great waves at their favorite spots. this is what we used to get on a consistent basis around here. Would be nice to fall into a good pattern again for a few years.

  15. RUSS-D

    Jack, I am staying on the positive side for this swell. It is going to happen, it is going to happen, it is going to happen, is what i keep chanting. 🙂

  16. DW

    Sage advice for WFL gulfsters…keep expectations low and you may be pleasantly surprised. Santa says he is delivering a present Christmas Day…Ho, ho ,ho!

  17. RUSS-D

    my expectations are at a median level right now. I don’t think the Gulf can really disappoint me too much anymore. I have been let down by her so much, it is just business as usual. so it is always pleasent , even if the swell isn’t what it’s supposed to be. 🙂

  18. evy alland

    Puppy to young to leave….so off WE go….need to take a look…. the air is Wonderful…Zephyr wind is my favorite….can’t miss out on such a gorgeous day…pup fits and sits nice in a backpack… so technically, she “ain’t on the beach” if anyone says anything

  19. RUSS-D

    Finally done with all I needed to do before I surf today. Heading out, as soon as my buddy gets here, to look for waves. Don’t know if we are staying local, or chasing it down South. But I know I am surfing today, tomorrow, and hopefully Friday. 🙂 I hope everyone else finds a bunch of fun Gulf chop nuggets today. 🙂

  20. RUSS-D

    I heard PAG was a mess since they dredged it. I was thinking about going down there, until I heard that. Sunset was fun for how choppy and drifty it was. I hope tomorrow is good, West swell with lite(ish) N winds after the morning NW’s turn. But why is always low tide first thing in the morning when a cold front comes through? I think low tide has something to do with pulling a front through, only thing that makes since at this point LOL. I hope I don’t blow it and make the wrong call for tomorrow. Looking forward to some fun surf no matter what.
    And then there is East side on Sunday… 2 ft at 15-18 secs??? What???

  21. RUSS-D

    Anyone planning on surfing N. Pinellas County Zoo today be prepared to find alternate parking, and walking into the park. Today is one of 2 days they close the County parks. Black Friday, and Christmas Day the park gates will not open.

  22. RUSS-D

    The dredging of PAG was only something I heard, i do not know it to be totally true. Sunset is a mess from it. Sand is all out of place.

  23. Robbed72

    Nah … they didn’t dredge Passagrille … they used sand from a dredge to the North to repair a seriously eroded area of beach from a trop storm 2 years ago.

    On a different note: Solid waves today … had a blast …

  24. RUSS-D

    Good to hear PAG hasn’t been dredged. Maybe the guy that told me was trying to keep me from going there? LOL

    And on the same , different, note as Rob: IT WAS GOING OFF TODAY!!!!!!!! Working on the pics now. Matty lopez was out today, and somehow the nose of his board hit his foot. He was cut open pretty bad, but went in and slid a bootie on, and continued to shred. 🙂 It was a barrel fest all day. Some SOLID chest high sets, with some head high freak sets. Got my ass kicked all day, going for barrels, and made a few barrels in the process HA HA. Faith in Gulf, mostly restored. Now let’s keep this wave train going.

  25. gtstommy

    Merry Christmas, y’all! GREAT waves in Englewood, solid stomach to shoulder w/ light winds. Defo some good rides for everyone! Hope y’all had a good sesh!

  26. Robbed72

    Fun waves and good vibes surfing with the B-Town crew for sure. Crowded, but when it spread out with the tide change there were plenty to be had. I scored a few keepers 🙂

  27. G

    Santa delivered the goods with a nice swell. Saw some dead fish on the beach at one spot south of skyway. Hopefully EC pans out soon with long period swell. Great pics posted so I send to friends that couldn’t
    Make it out. Also evidence of why I
    Had to leave the family for hours!

  28. Jeff King

    Surfed in the st pete area from 9/12… Got slammed multiple times.. fun and steep. A lot of closeouts but fun drops and some time covered before getting killed in 2 feet of water haha.. good times!

  29. G

    Santa delivered! Thank you for the great pictures. Evidence that the waves were good
    . Since I left the family on Christmas. Dead mullet stunk…red tide?

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