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July 2021

Monday 7am WFL

Waiting for some tropical swell. Photo: JP

Check out Whitney’s Restaurant on Longboat Key.

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Mon 7/26 9am WFL Surf WX Discussion and Outlook The St Pete Crew found some small LB waves before the Sunday wind switch. Muggy and boring this week with variable to weak onshore flow. The WX maps look so boring -at least no one is getting hit by a hurricane and we are not in the heat wave that is going on in the middle of the country. I saw the 1st heat ever at the olympics with Italo pulling it out. The guys from Japan and Indo are really impressive. The waves and the lighting have been really disappointing to me. Is it the time of day? That side-shore wind is always bad, seems. Conclusion: This week looks pretty calm for WFL maybe a 1ft wave at some point but mostly 10knt flow when the onshores kick in so not expecting much more than 1ft if that. How’s the red tide situation? Have a good week.
Looking for a camera cleaner. Surfline’s cam management informed me they are looking for a camera cleaner for Spring Ave on AMI. If you live on AMI, close to Spring Ave let me know- they are offering a 1 year sub to Premium in return for cleaning the cam every so often. Right now it’s filthy. It’s super easy you just go out there with a damp paper towel and a dry one give it a quick cleaning takes all of 5 minutes at the most… info@aurasurf.com

This is my cam down here in PR. I maintain it and keep it clean for Surfline. This beach is called Sandy Beach. I don’t surf here too much but I use this cam as an indicator to what other N side spots are doing.

I’m not asking for donations at the end of July if you were going to donate to aurasurf.com please give it to Captains for Clean Water, Surfrider or someone else who is helping to clean up Tampa Bay, Thanks!!! Who is helping the cause? Sorry I am the biggest planet loving, tree hugger!

The only planet we have.