Daily Archives: February 10, 2021

Early March

Saturday Below… New Boards at the Compound

Saturday 7am and calm in front of the developing low pressure.

Sunday PM

Check out these Mid’s by Solid!

Bento Boxes

Check out Whitney’s Restaurant on Longboat Key.

Saturday 3/6/2021 WFL Surf Forecast:
Im not forecasting surf but give it half a check at best cold front spots Sunday afternoon just to make sure it’s flat. Check out the SL wave model above and notice how the seas curve into Captiva so more of a chance down there. But for sure give it half a check late Sunday and if it’s low tide, glassy knee high slide, take the 9’6 out there. Behind the backdoor the High locks in for next week so 2nd week in March looks clam. Front door front still on the boards way out in the extended- yesterday it was Tuesday the 16th, today it’s Thursday the 18th.
Friday in NW PR: The wind the week before gusted to 30-40 and burned all the sea grapes. Finally yesterday the wind calmed down even in Isabela and a swell from NE filled in 3ft at 13 seconds. It was really good. Cool GC crew scored it. Albi from Cortez made the call for East Isabela and it was a good call. More pics later…