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Gulf Coast Hurricane Barry Surf 2019

Tuesday Report Below.

Casey Stephenson on a drainer in SRQ over the weekend. Barry made for good surfing conditions on the gulf coast at a time when most coasts were flat. Photo: Dennis Flynn.

Herbalist Brent getting some GC tube time.

WFL Report and Forecast July 8, 2019- Barry started as a low coming down from GA and lined up perfectly while strengthening in the gulf giving WFL good swell for days.

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Everybody get barreled this weekend. Solid wave periods on the way. photo Mo Lelii.

Rob Hyppio knows how to spot hurricane surf coming a mile away!

Future Update 7/13: Swear I saw someone catch a head high set on the south piers. Otherwise the waves look same size as yesterday on the buoys the period is longer today. There is quite some distance from the storm, 100’s of miles so the swell decay is there maybe it’s morning sick, maybe it’s the tides- but it is what it is. One model I saw showed an expanding wind field today as the storm approaches the coast. Models show wave heights continuing into Sunday but dropping off for Monday. So there should be solid swell all weekend. Leftovers on Monday. Local winds stay SE.
Future Update 7/12: So the median wind is south but CLW reports a land breeze, ESE along with other spots that have declining winds this Friday am. Tide is full… All that means ‘seek and you will find’ for today. The winds will fire up due south in a few hours at 15 plus so jetties will be the call later today. Saturday don’t sleep in more LP SW swell with SE winds. Sunday same deal as all the SW swell in the GOMEX heads to WFL. Reminds me… believe it or not of Juan in 1985, same position almost… shot chunky SW swell at WFL for days. Enjoy! Surf your brains out.
Future Update 7/11 what if a tropical storm stalled in the gulf in the perfect spot and just spun and shot waves at WFL for days? Errr here we have that real time. The next 24hrs show Barry firing up. Now in the latest solution instead of heading to Texas he does a dance on the Mississippi delta and after many days pushes into Alabama. So lots of surf on the way and it will get chunky at some point. The deal will be the wind. Look for jetty protection or early am or after the storms to avoid it bc in the current solution with Barry closer there may be more wind than the take below… That’s also conservative call on wave heights. It’s probably notch up. It looks like the longest period ie chunkiest waves will come on the weekend. Random Thoughts: Watch out for tourists caught in rips and ohh the futility of beach re nourishment.

ALL the gulf buoys are back on! Thanks NDBC!

Future 7/10-
Best time to surf today will be late afternoon. Really guys I’m not trying to hype this but the models look kind of good. Sometimes when a storm moves up from the southern gulf it’s all south swell then a chance for a west if the storm is strong enough. With this one 92L, Barry- bc he came down from GA he has squeezed a high under him and the fetch is good, the gradient is SSW and SW, add in the spin and you have SW and WSW swell pointed at WFL for 5 days, that’s a good scenario. So is this tiny west dribble? let’s check the period… we need 8 seconds plus. Thursday 1-2ft WSW swell at 6-7seconds SSE winds at 10-15knts.
Friday- 2ft SW swell at 7-8seconds SSE winds at 10. Saturday- 2-3ft SW swell at 8-9seconds with SSE winds at 10plus. Sunday 2-3ft SW swell at 9-10seconds SE winds at 10-15knts. That’s straight translation from the models and my best call. Disclaimer: This is all dependent on 92L, ‘take it with a grain of salt’, ‘low expectations’, ‘it is the gulf’, yada yada yada but this might be a likely scenario- just cool to see how it might line up ‘acc to the models’…out…

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