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December Waves

December 06 was a great December. Alek Parker… parking it. Photo: M-Dub.

spot 1

Friday 6:30am WFL Updater: Calm today, SE winds tomorrow in front of the low pressure. You know it’s calm when you go on IG at 6am and guys already have the boat headed out at dawn as their story. I saw that in the gulf and the Caribbean this am, calm everywhere… This next system looks solid. What is the perfect GC winter time low pressure? IMO it starts in Texas like 1003mb and while strengthening crosses slowly towards Alabama. When it gets to the Panhandle it’s 999 and lifting NNE up towards Western Tennessee after bumping into a slow to move out high pressure. In it’s wake it hit the gulf with gale force west winds and now seas are 10ft at 10seconds west swell. Behind the low a weak high drops in to meet the swell with light offshore winds… That IMO is the perfect GC low. With those days we got into a routine of hitting the low tide spots first and hitting a 2nd spot on the way home as the tide filled in. Those were good days and not even that cold bc the low brought mid latitude cool air and not polar air. On this day in December 2006, we got to surf perfect chest to head high barrels at spot 2 with Alek and Cory. Both of those guys are great tube riders and it was super cool to watch the pros get some GC shacks. Now that your all pumped up for the next one the weekend one has gone notch down a bit. It looks 1008mb when it gets close and then it double barrels off South Carolina forming a 2nd front in the ATL which is forecast to make it to the 18 degrees N Latitude Caribbean middle next week with rain and cool WX. That 2nd low keeps the wind from going NE almost staying NNW but the WFL land breeze will veer it. One model did not match the other and I think real time it will blow 20-30 and not just 20. The pattern sticks and the one a week from now does the lift out so good time to be a WFL surf rat, waves for days as Fuggin said. Peace out…

Alek Parker, WFL 12/06. Photo: M-Dub.

Thursday WFL Future Forecast brought to you by the Compound: The next low pressure for Sunday looks really good, a Texas scraper just shredding the gulf all the way to Jacksonville and then on out into the ATL. Monday looks chunky… Pencil in a sick day for next Tuesday b/c it could be swell and favorable winds. check back for more…
Thursday WFL Surf Forecast 12/6/2018 7am The models look the same today as yesterday, that’s a good thing. Solid low pressure will cross the gulf: Saturday return flow warming with SE winds and a 1ft south line, probably not rideable but maybe right before dark. Sunday building south swell with gusty south winds early going west- chest to head high and getting chunky and choppy. Monday chest to head high with strong NW winds. Tuesday waist to chest swell with N winds, go surf! 2019: It’s that time of year. If your stoked on the forecasts and reports there is a donate button below. Your donations inspire me to forecast and report. Thanks for your generosity.


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