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July 6, 2017


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Tuesday Tropical Take: Lets go back a week. We were talking about the ‘model americano’ and how poorly the GFS has performed. Well, looking back over the last week the GFS pretty much nailed it. It showed Harvey dieing in the Central Caribbean and that is exactly what happened while the Euro and the NHC did not see that coming. Ok, so does that mean the GFS is back on? Let’s hope so. Ask me next week. By that time we will know if Ex Harvey becomes Re Harvey the giver. The GFS forms Harvey back into a tropical cyclone early Wednesday in the BOC. The high has backed out allowing Harvey to climb latitude and Thursday a hurricane is approaching Texas. In that scenario WFL could see some 2ft west groundswell on Saturday/Sunday. I put the odds at 40/60 for WFL surf. Don’t wax yet but there is a shot…

Ocean and Earth.


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