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Surfy April 2017 GC Surfers Score Dunas

GC surfers score Las Dunas the day before Easters.
We got up to Isabela early on Saturday and checked all the spots. There were few places we could have gone out but Heath wanted to push on and check a few more spots(thanks Heath). We finally got to Las Dunas and it looked super fun but there was a group of local guys out. So what to do? We wanted good waves, we wanted to score so we had to hike in. It’s a long walk down there. We ended up surfing a peak away from the locals that wasn’t as good as the main peak. Then after an hour, the local guys started to leave and we got to scoot right over and get into the good A frames. We surfed for hours and the wind never came up and never it really got too crowded either. Just us guys, super fun.


Chris Mariscal and I went to SHS together, so cool to get together and surf.

Rob Hyypio.

Heath Smith.

Ron Belkanger from Tierra Verde, St Pete.

PJ Petrick on a translucent wave as Chris Mariscal watches.

The Zombeaver Crew


Puerto Rico:

This is my wave of the winter for Rincon, PR. This was the best day of the winter at Indicators. This day saw just huge A frame barrels. The swell was powerful long period NNE. The wave was bending so hard it’s looks like SW swell. You can’t help but get tubed. Normally Indicators has a small barrel. This tube was twice as big as the normal barrel at Indicators. About Ariel: she’s a really good surfer, she just got back from Hawaii so she was fearless. She’s tiny but she charges. I almost missed this one. I was looking down at my LCD screen and I flashed to see her pulling in and I just lifted the camera up and started shooting luckily it was in focus but this is the best day and this was the such a good wave. I don’t think she knew that she was going to get barreled but you couldn’t help it. It was that hollow. Some Puerto Rican surfers out there were talking to each other going: ‘las olas estan tan raras hoy, parece que viene del oeste’ ‘the waves are weird coming from the west’ but it was just major refraction when it’s long period NNE.

Ariel Engstrom.