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PR Mid-May 2017: So we had a bunch of swell in May LP NNE long wait for chest high sets, Sahara dust light and variable winds. Tuesday and Wednesday pulsed. Domes had waves every day. Great to still be able to surf every day.


Bigger than it looks.

Happy Tomatoes after the rain. Old leash works good for holding them up.

Thursday 5/18 in PR: Can’t keep a Good Island Down and Dry We had dry, hot WX for about 10 days with dry SE flow. Sahara Dust returned with a vengeance, pretty miserable. My garden was suffering. This was the 11am SJU Discussion Dude Update yesterday basically saying there is no chance it’s going to rain: “Some surface moisture is causing streamers off of Culebra and El Yunque even while hazy conditions from Saharan dust continue. Models take this moisture and create better chances for showers in the Culebrinas River(Aguada) valley and south of Rincon. Have augmented the POPs there some, but the mid-level moisture paucity will prevent full realization of model-forecast showers. Winds are a little stronger than yesterday, but forecast is on track on this and temperatures. No other changes made”(end discussion)… I love the man vs machine contrast. He acknowledges that the models said rain, but he basically says ‘no way’ then he drops a ‘paucity’ reference and claims it. (Word for the day) Paucity means: the presence of something only in small or insufficient quantities or amounts; scarcity.
End Result: The heavens opened and it rained all afternoon! Over an inch and it came from every direction, crazy. The models were right. 70 degrees and so nice, the plants are happy! Thank you Jah! Surf glassed off, mostly knee to waist with a chest high set every 20 minutes or so. Sorry for all the PR takes we’ll get back to WFL eventually.

Thursday after the Rain:

Thurs 5/18

Wednesday in the Caribbean

Wednesday 5/17 in PR.

Tuesday in PR: The swell was NNE 3.5 at 14, a little slow at times because it was coming from halfway across the ocean but occ stellar surf. The kind of day with no wind where you stay out way longer than you planned to. Smaller today, long wait for perfect waves.

Cory Lopez in Panama. Right after the Domes contest in March he scored the Caribbean side. Check it out on Surfline.

TC’s video Habitat has sections posted on Youtube:

Domes on Monday 5/15. Small swell in the Caribe.
Photo: J Mathey.