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My 2018 in NW PR

20 YEARS AURASURF.COM- 1998-2018.
My 2018 Surfing in NW PR

January on the 7’0

February at the Well, my best day of the year.

March was huge.

My daughter Julieta Bliss started home-schooling and one of the benefits was scoring perfect Wildo in April. Photo by James.

Summer trip to El Salvador with Rosey.

Summer was pretty flat but the surf came back in late September and stayed for weeks courtesy of Hurricane Leslie. One of the best Atlantic storms ever. Photo: JG.

Last October post Maria was pretty bad in every way, no waves, no rain, no water no electricty and the women and children left for the states. What a diffence a year makes. This has been a wonderful Ocotber in every way especially with Leslie providing surf for 1/2 the month. Photo: Julieta Bliss.

November at Domes.

Family surf at Spanish Wall.

Lots of days like this and not any double OH days as most the WX systems only gave us side action on their way to Europe.

Windy Wildo to wind out the year in December. See ya 2018!