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settling in

Leaf, they just want see him get big air. the north wind has been holding the lefts open. from 3-23 when the current was strong.

Thursday night blogger: if your not interested in the latest with us in our new endeavor stop reading. Not much new in the forecast.

So it s goin on 3 months, todo bien… I couldn’t be happier though we had a scare yesterday. there is a sand patch in the shoreline between doggies and maria’s where everybody goes to swim. Julie my 5yr old, got out too far and got caught in the current and swept down the beach and out along the back of the urchin farm, then rosey, then brina. two awesome surfers were there to save the day and bring my fam back to the playa. I was hauling in from doggies but got there just a hair late. surfers are always the first line of defense from accidental drowning, I have saved people before I’m sure you have too. Just keep an extra eye on your kids. it had been super windy w/ a strong swell so there was lots of current and once u get a little ways off the beach it can happen. thank God everyone is ok and we will be much more careful in the future. oceans have currents and you gotta respect em’. bob bulatowicz was here and we had A blast. not too many pics cus we were busy surfing. this weekend is ‘festival de la ballena’ in rincon and my kids are frothing to go. pretty cool whale festival. the surf has been good, though windy. i have to say i started surfing at 13, I am now 40 and this is the first time in my life I have lived somewhere with waves. I cannot begin to express how cool it is to surf all the time and have access to waves. I’ve dropped 10lbs since Florida and I feel a lot more in tune. I took the day off from surfing today to catch up on house work(sealng the roof) plus I am pretty sore. I have not come on here lately too much to say the daily ins and outs. Man i dont want to make anybody feel bad. I was so frustrated in Florida. all i can say is this is really cool and if you want to experience it someday in your life be it Hawaii or Cali or the EC or New Zealand or Costa Rica start planning your exit strategy and change your life to work in that direction. stop spending more than you earn. not that easy, I know… Dave Ramsey helped a lot. everything else I do attribute to faith in THE MAN upstairs because I don’t know how I did this.. To go from lawnin’ in St Pete to chillin in this super cool town is well… a dream come true. I’m not gonna claim it… maybe I just did. Todo bien por aqui. Hope your doing good too.