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January 2017

View from the balcony this am. Faint swell lines in the Mona Passage, Tres Palmas breaking is not visible from here yet. The buoy in PR is 10ft at 12 seconds. It was really flat yesterday but got huge overnight. From 3 miles away the surf sounds like thunder.

Tuesday WFL 1/10 7am: Thanks guys for the awesome comments. Please continue, nothing better than when you look outside the box and score. With the gulf in a calm state(see forecast below) and the Caribbean with massive swell I’m going to put some PR coverage on here for the next few days. Stay tuned for more pics later. Thanks!

San Juan Discussion Dude (music to my ears): After the front crosses the region…moisture and temperatures drop across the Northeast Caribbean Region. Temperatures are forecast to decrease between 3-5 degrees below normal. Our current forecast calls for minimum temperatures in the low to mid 50s at high elevations and low to mid 70s at lower elevations on Wednesday Night and Thursday Night. Drier than normal air mass will keep the chance of shower low for the second part of the week. My translation: We rarely get cool air pumped from far Northern latitudes directly into the Caribbean but with this low pressure and front that is exactly what will happen.

It’s been years since the Caribbean got a winter storm like this,

Monday 6am WFL Surf Forecast: Hope you had a good weekend. I hope you got shacked. So this week looks really weird. This low pressure is going to form in the middle ATL and retro grade towards the islands. What this does is set up a gnarly gradient with the polar high pressure that came behind the weekend front. That battle could last a week. In the mean time this bottles up the eastern US and does not allow any more fronts to come thru. The GFS going out to the 3rd week in January does not show any more frontal passages for Florida, boooooooo. One model showed the next surf producing front on 1/25 for what it’s worth. For now, WFL WX will be ‘Chamber of Commerce’, down right tropical by mid to late week with East to SE trades for Florida as high pressures settles in for the long haul. 1100miles east the battle ground is the Greater Antilles expecting 10ft plus surf and 20-30knt NE winds. Keep an eye on that for the carnage to ensue. Summary: WFL clam spell on the way, sorry for the bad news. EC in for a period of onshore winds and the Caribbean about to get big and stormy.

I was bumping around on You tube
and found a few videos to share. This is about tube riding. Check out these shredders at Sebastian Inlet, amazing style, all these guys. These guys rip! Bill Hartley are you kidding me? Palmetto Drive is a classic late 90’s FL surf movie by Jon Krizmanich, a lot of 1st Peak SI. Thanks Jon for posting this in 2015. GC section with Cory riding a Bat, Jason Hatch playing in a rock band, etc. The tube riding at 1st peak before the reconstruction is amazing! This will get you pumped for Saturday! This is why Im proud to be a Florida Surfer!

Gulf Coast Crouch.

Joey at posted a cool story
about getting barreled during the magic hour in WFL. This paragraph is in response to his post. Probably written because Joey had just seen people get legit, amazing barrels at one of THE best barrels in the world Backdoor Pipe, Bat told me Backdoor looks like a closeout when you drop in but it’s not it’ just bends and winds out perfectly. In defense of Florida tubes; Cory once said he learned to get barreled at Chopes from the tubes he got in his youth on Anna Maria Island. Kelly Slater, one of the very best tube riders in the world learned tube riding at 1st peak SI. Living down here in PR not too many people know or want to get barreled. David Speir put on a barrel riding clinic down here at Middles. My point: Florida guys know how to get barreled. Many FL guys are excellent tube riders. They all learned in small waves. They go barrel first then turns. So don’t give up, practice your barrel stance, it’s the most important move you have. Keep getting barreled waist high magic hour, starting this Saturday.

Guide Services, photography and video.

Guide Services, photography and video.


About the forecaster: My name is Micah Weaver. I'm from St Petersburg, Florida. I started forecasting for the WFL gulf in the mid 1980's and continue to do so up to today. I currently live in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Thanks for visiting

About the forecaster: My name is Micah Weaver. I’m from St Petersburg, Florida. I started surfing and forecasting the WFL gulf coast in the mid 1980’s.I currently live in Rincon, Puert Rico. Thanks for visiting