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May Cold Front-Another SE Low- LBP Lower Back Pain

Saturday 5/13/17 Shawn Childress. Bradenton Surf. photo: Brice Hamilton

Sun 7am WFL Updater:
Still some waves this am. Knee to thigh in St Pete and Venice. Choppy but there are some waves. Models have it fadeing today but how cool is it to get 2 weekends of surf in May? Future Forecast on Monday. Enjoy your Sunday.

Friday 7am UPDATER:
Light SSW winds offshore and calm seas this am. Great thread in the comment on lower back pain. Thanks again guys. I’m going to be filing this post soon if there are no more comments. That we can have a record of all the suggestions and also documentation of the early May cold front. Do you think there will be waves tomorrow? There should be something. The Thursday forecast below sticks. Have a great Friday.
(from the mid week forecast) Here’s a WFL option for you: check the cams and buoys late Saturday and early Sunday see if there’s a knee thigh high wave. At least you can get wet and rinse away the week.

Thursday 5/11/2017 7am UPDATER:
Here come the onshores… Best chance to catch a small bump would be late Saturday. It should be in the knee to thigh maybe plus range depending on the Saturday sea breeze. A longboard wave and possibly more let Saturday. Sunday am a knee high leftover. That’s the way it looks at this point. Thanks for all the comments guys!

Wednesday 6am WFL Report 5/10/2017:
What we had was another low digging into the SE which would be like a trough pushing a westerly gradient and bumping the surf up for this weekend. It’s almost mid-May and on the latest models the trough does not get enough dig so we are likely not looking at a solid surf event. Still 2ft seas are expected and throw in a good sea breeze and a shallow sand bar and you can find some longboard action Friday into the weekend with west winds at 10-15. Perfectly CLIMO and to be expected. The way that last WFL front just cranked and the breeze in the Caribe just died, I went searching for the latest ENSO forecast and we are in a neutral phase with a chance for El Ninyo late summer. Now we are just headed for summer, that simple. PR was supposed to have solid swell this am but it’s not here yet, notch down for the Caribe also? Here’s a WFL option for you: check the cams and buoys late Friday and Saturday and see if there’s a knee high line for your 9’6. At least you can get wet and rinse away the week. I’ll update tomorrow.

Kelly shuts it down for 5 weeks due to lower back pain.

LBP-Lower Back Pain Sucks:
Mid 40’s and this is the 1st time I’ve ever had it. I’ve heard so many remedies, I don’t know which is right for me. I went searching for KS in the RIO results and then googled that he pulled out due to LBP. One guy here said he shut it down for 2 months and it went away, no chiro, not much massage, just rest. Yoga stretches? I don’t know but I’m going to be shutting it down soon. I hurt my lower back last October and it has plagued me all season. I need to not surf for 2 months. The snap motion is what’s killing my lower back. I dont even feel it when I m out surfing, but I feel it afterward. If you have something that worked for your LBP please share in the comments. Thanks…

Oww my back!

GULF LINES is on Youtube:

New to the era a?

Gulf Coast Vet and WFL ESA Director Brian Fischer weighs in on the current surfing situation in WFL:
“I’m noticing more and more beginners taking over the peaks at popular spots. We need to create a “call to action” from all experienced surfers to assist in kindly educating newer surfers to have proper safety & etiquette. I’ve seen some injuries recently that could have easily been avoided. Compare surfing to skiiing or snowboarding, if you are a beginner you stay on the beginner & advance beginner slopes until you are ready to move up without putting your safety and others at risk. Beginners don’t belong on the main peaks with intense crowds managing the line up. It always ends in disaster for someone or multiple people. This sport is supposed to be fun for all. Not just fun for the beginners clowning around without respect. I know that we are talking about knee high Gulf surf, which is not advanced surfing, but there is a more critical section with an intense crowd of higher level surfers that needs to be avoided & respected. You earn your spot in the line up with experience and respect. Would you attempt to walk on a practice field while the Rays are training when you are learning how to throw a ball? If anyone can share a better way that we can manage the increasing number of surfers, I am all ears. Everyone just wants to have fun! So let’s learn, share knowledge, and respect each other”.

Saturday N County Photos by TC:

Saturday Photo by Christi Haverfield:

Saturday Down South Photos of John Purdy in the barrel and Andy Malloy on the bomb by ©Dennis Knowles Photography

Friday 2pm update: Solid waves on the WFL GC today. Shoulder to head high in St Pete. Chunky. Go surf…
John Purdy sequence fresh from this Friday afternoon by Christi Haverfield:

Friday WFL Surf Report Cinco De Mayo 6am: Holy Cow 9ft at 7 seconds straight west on 036. Go surf. Getting ahead of myself… inside buoy is slower to come up but its on the way probably already rideable in N county. Models show it onshore at 25 all day today. A lot of wind for the 5th of May. 10-20 this am. The clipper is not showing up on the latest models so Saturday looks fun and it could glass off a bit overnight tonight maybe. Sunday small leftovers. Best times to surf should be later today and Saturday am if it cleans up. Looks chest to head today and waist to chest manyana, knee to thigh for Sunday. Have fun. Let us know how you did. We will update mid day today…

LP NNE on the way for PR. Not too big but fun surf for May.