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Great Weekend on the East Coast. August 7th and 8th, 2010.

Not to be outshined by HB and the US Open which was going on at the same time this is Volusia looking very California-like.

Finally a swell that lived up to the hype. Solid swell hit Saturday mid-day. Low tide was going off and while it got a little fat late with the higher tide it was super fun all the way till dark on Saturday. One of the best swells I’ve surfed on the EC in a looooong time. Not really too many closeouts just lots of throbbing rights and slopey lefts. Sunday was smaller and windier but still plenty fun. All photos by Brandon Fraley and Micah Weaver. A chance for waves in the gulf? For the forecast and Weekly Outlook check the comments. Tuesday 8/10 6am 94L UPDATE located in the comments.

Me... about to get pinched.

Saturday afternoon. It looks fast but totally makeable even on a fish.

The rights were really good.

Steve Kepler was ripping. Here he is slotted on a right.

UI enjoying pristine conditions.

Looking like Wildo, but grey and w/o the reef.

Nice Left.

Crunch Time.