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10 years in PR

Stoked to live in PR!!!

This was a west swell from a hurricane that hit Nicaragua, super rare…

Today is a big anniversary for us- story below…

January 11th 2011 we flew from MCO to Aguadilla on a 1 way flight. It’s been a good move…
I picked a pic for each of the 10 years and a couple extras to express the way I feel about the last 10 yrs… Been a crazy ride. Thanks for your support, I still love WFL!

I visited PR 11 times before I moved there but I never got a ‘Gas Chambers’ swell until this day in February 2011. I had just moved there and I had nervous butterflies driving to surf Manglitos for the 1st time…. I caught some waves. Stoked!

2011 My wonderful family. This is everything. The kids are so small!

2012 I gave up on shorties and rode twin fin RNF’s exclusively for 3 years. This is one of my 1st surf at Indy’s which became my most frequented home break. Alex, my surfing buddy is ducking this wave.

Christmas Day 2012 Manglitos high line.

I liked this Indy shot so much from 2013 I made a banner out of it. This was a killer 5’7 Bat RNF epoxy that was my magic board for 2 years. Right after this Bat moved to Hawaii.

2015… I switched to a 5’10 Rocket quad at Domes… Tuesday 1/27/15 Caribe.

2016 landed this Surfline cover and went to St Croix that summer.

2017… Celebrated 25 on Tortola with my wonderful wife who made all of this possible. Thanks Sabrina. Happy 25th Anniversary.

2018- Below is Zack a volunteer that came from Florida and worked for more than 6 months helping us rebuild after Hurricane Maria. It was my privilege to show many of these visiting volunteers hospitality. Maybe the most outstanding experience of the 10 years. Only Jah can make something beautiful out of a total disaster.

Jungle drive.

The reason we moved to PR was to help an English congregation which we continue to do till this day. We get many assignments… All of the best experiences have come from volunteering for these assignments. My heart swells with joy when I think of the different assignments we’ve had over the years like the one above. We were assisting a couple from the US that lived on a remote farm 2hrs from my house above the Rio Bucarabajo(try saying that) between Las Marias and Maricao. This road was not on google maps.

2019: Julieta Bliss. We’ve grown closer together as a family and we’ve grown spiritually over the last 10 years, mission accomplished.

2020 NE PR: Our host Sam scoping the lineup. This spot was so undeveloped and beautiful.

Patio where shopping is a pleasure. One of the best things about living here is I eat from the earth every day and it makes for healthy living.

1/9/2021 just short of 10 yrs Anniversary surf at Parking Lots. Photo: Julie Bliss.

Julieta 1/9/21 Parking Lots.

Anniversary Celebration: The kids are getting big and they have done good growing up in NW PR. Thanks to all of you, everyone in WFL for the support over the years! We really appreciate it! Ok… I needed a moment to mark that… Now back to the forecast…