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7/15, 7/16, 7/17: Gulf Coasters On the Leak Revealed: Check the Comments! For The First Time in 89 Days Oil is not flowing In the Gulf!!!!

T-storms on the horizon make for a dramatic skyline.

Friday 6pm: So Many good comments and I appreciate the input. I am going to leave this page up for another day or so. When you comment for the first time it has to be approved. So be patient and check back. We will allow any comment as long as it is not vulgar or obscene or hurtful towards your fellow GC mates. Thanks!

One of my favorites so far:“If you really want to help prevent this from happening again, go buy a bicycle. Save your car for emergencies. How much extra money would you have without your car, insurance, and gasoline payments each month? Turn OFF the AC in your house, add a wood buring stove. Put some solar panels on your roof. Its really not that hard, or that expensive. Youtube it. You think you’re smart? Give it a try, ask your friends for help if you cant do it.

If we all do these things, we can make a difference.”

Lots of good comments and a good discussion over the leak that seems for the moment to be capped. Today’s WX looks pretty tipico. Not as hot with a high of 89 and a 50% chance of late day boomers. Yesterday’s storm was awesome, a 6pm tormenta that roared through St Pete with hurricane force winds and downed over an inch of rain, also dropped the temp to 74. Look for more of that today. Real flat this Friday morning. SE winds will pop the 1ft southy today and tomorrow. EC has waist high waves and a light onshore wind. Should pick up more over there. Have a good day. Rays in NY, going to pound the Jankees.

A question, if you feel like responding use the comment box below: How bad do you think the crisis is in the gulf? Is everything under control as BP would have you believe or is it the complete death of the gulf coming soon as others would have you believe? Where is the truth? More and more it gets harder to believe the mainstream media (abc, cbs, fox, etc.) when it comes to this disaster. If the oil eventually ends up over here from currents, storms or cold fronts like it has in the panhandle will you (like some of them) still go in the water to surf?